Monday Match Game: Who is the real MGC?

Yes the Monday Match Game makes one of it’s occasional re-appearances to settle a paramount question to the team at Homicidols.  Long time readers may dimly remember the Match Game as a frivolous and, if we’re honest – pointless, contest where we take two things from the idol world which share some superficial connection and encourage you to vote for the one you like best.  And we have a chuckle and then forget about it and don’t even look at the results because they aren’t important.

Well this one is important!  There are now two idol groups going around with the initialisation MGC and it’s giving me a headache in the Team Chat.  Therefore you, our dear public, must decide which of the two following groups gets exclusive use of this three letter abbreviation on the pages of

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Friday Fun: #2022IdolPredictions

Hey, it’s the return of the Friday Fun, currently running a reduced service every 52 or 53 Fridays.  Here we are at the end of 2021 and I think it’s safe to say that collective optimism for the forthcoming year is possibly lower than it was twelve months ago.  But we’ll always have idols so let’s entertain ourselves today by forecasting their actions over the forthcoming centi-century.

First though, let’s see just how psychic we all were this time last year:

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QUIZ: Spot The Real Idol Groups

There are many things to love about idols and one of those things is the peculiar names that some of the groups go by.  From BANANA MONKEYS to KAQRIYO TERROR ARCHITECT, we’ve seen a lot of these over the years but in 2021 we have noticed  more weirdly titled units than ever.

We have selected ten of the more ludicrous eye-catching ones and put them in this quiz.  Hell, we could have done twenty but we’re sure you’re busy people.  Can you find the genuine idol groups?

10 Top 10s

Tentenkö's Ten Top Tens

Hi, Homicidols readers, it’s me, experimental DJ and former fun-sized idol, Tentenkö*!  When I’m not recording myself farting into a washing machine or painting odd creatures onto T-shirts, I like nothing better than to sit and think about my favourite number, ten.  Sometimes for up to ten hours!  Today is 10/10, a very special day for me and to celebrate I present ten of my favourite idol Top Ten lists, which I am cerTEN (certain) you will enjoy!

* Tentenkö is an original character creation and any resemblance to any former BiS idols is purely a deranged product of your slanderous imagination.

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Chip Chop! – Nerun Poku Poku’s adventures with blades and potatoes

It’s a busy time for You’ll Melt More!‘s Nerun.  Fresh from releasing a new mini-album and MV with the rest of the group, she has seemingly undergone successful separation surgery from her conjoined twin Nani, with whom she was formerly fused at the kawaii, and has now launched a solo project – Nerun Poku Poku – with three simultaneous singles.

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Let’s Discover Some Idols: Machida Girls’ Choir

There really are some preposterously zany idol group concepts out there aren’t there?    From trainspotters to onion farmers to er, trampoline scissor fighters, probably – but imagine if some visionary based a group around the concept of actual singing ability?    My friends, conjecture no more and come meet “three-part harmony” idols, Machida Girls’ Choir.

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Greet / Escape: YMM! announce new members, new MV

Unofficial Homicidols house band You’ll Melt More! have been uncharacteristically quiet of late.  Perhaps our marathon coverage of them last year scared them away?  I can’t think of anything else on this hapless planet that could account for it.  But now they’re back, back, back and 75% bigger besides.  Three more recruits have been promoted from the Pupil More! subs bench, so it’s hello to Heso (orange), Matsuri (yellow) and Meari (blue) who was formerly known as Waka.

Heso from idol group You'll Melt More!Matsuri from idol group You'll Melt More!Maeri from idol group You'll Melt More!

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Neither New Nano-Nani’n’Neruns Nor New “Naughty Naughty” Near Nasty!

Today is January 6th, celebrated by many as the feast of Epiphany, commemorating the time when the Three Kings from the East brought gifts of Gold, Frankenstein and Meh to the God-cub Jesus, asleep in the hay.    And today you, dear reader, get to feel two-thirds as special as the Holy Baby, for Two Queens from the East now shower you with two valuable presents.

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Nani’n’Nerun? Release World’s Shortest Idol Album, Also Slightly Longer Single

Nani’n’Nerun?, that sub-unit of the similarly fond-of-terminal-punctuation idols, You’ll Melt More! are one of the better things to emerge in 2020.  Their name is a pun that sounds like “What do you do?” in Japanese, but that question mark conveys to me, a non-Japanese speaker, a sense of incredulity, as if I can’t quite believe what they have just done.

And I can’t quite believe what they have just done, which is to release a new album, six songs long but clocking in at a total of two minutes and thirty-two seconds.  No that’s not per song, that’s the entire length of the album! It may sound like two teenage girls messing about with GarageBand but sometimes that’s exactly what we need and it’s also the sort of punk rock behaviour we cheer and clap for at Homicidols dot com.  Short Short Songs 1 (and please God let there be a 2) is out now on your favourite digital music platform and you can listen to the entire thing in less time than it takes to read this article.

Thirty-three seconds longer than this album though, is their new single Sky Wah Wah, for which they’ve made another of their fun MVs:

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These days, it’s easier than it’s ever been to discover and follow Japanese idol groups from abroad.  Social media, streaming services and, overall, YouTube have opened up more content to us all, and while those lucky and annoying people who actually get to go to Japan might tell you that you’re not getting the authentic idol experience, you can at least listen to the music.  But there are plenty of idol groups happily performing in local venues, selling chekis and CD-Rs to local fans, that are not concerned about such things as music videos or haven’t gotten around to making one yet.  Some of these groups may be great but how will we stupid gaijin ever know?

Well, I stumbled across one by accident back in March – more on that in a minute – and since then I’ve been ordering their CDs but I’ve not really been able to show anyone what they are like, until now!  Here is the first MV for STELLASUGARLET:

That’s Koi no Mahou or “Magic of Love”.  Did you like it?  Fans of CY8ER may find something to love here but this group have added amateur charm and a slightly more experimental bent.  There’s even a shoegaze song on their debut mini-album!  They are a self-produced unit from Kansai and their album lists their member colours as “Sky Blue”, “Cheerful Pink”, “Negative Red” and “Domestic Purple”.  Though perhaps the Red member was too negative as they seem to have been replaced with an “Unbalanced White” member.

I discovered them when the songwriter/musician for RETRO NA SYOUJO (who aren’t idols so probably won’t be covered here but are idol-adjacent and do have MVs for great songs that you should totally check out) mentioned that he’d written a song for this idol group.  And even then I still had to use YouTube to hear more as they had at least uploaded a trailer for their album.  I wouldn’t have found that on my own.

At the moment they have one song available on digital platforms and it’s a good song but it’s not the one in that first video.  I don’t know when you can get hold of that one but if you’re feeling intrepid you can buy CDs of other great tunes from their store.  Or follow them on Twitter and they may notice us foreigners and make more stuff available online, which is the motive behind my writing this article in the first place.