Friday Fun: #2022IdolPredictions

Hey, it’s the return of the Friday Fun, currently running a reduced service every 52 or 53 Fridays.  Here we are at the end of 2021 and I think it’s safe to say that collective optimism for the forthcoming year is possibly lower than it was twelve months ago.  But we’ll always have idols so let’s entertain ourselves today by forecasting their actions over the forthcoming centi-century.

First though, let’s see just how psychic we all were this time last year:



Sadly, nay, tragically wrong:

Happily wrong:

Er… I don’t know, depends on the sunniness of your disposition:

Well, can you be more accurate?  Or at least as amusing?  Tweet us your hopes, fears and visions of the near future with the hashtag #2022IdolPredictions and we’ll all meet back here next year and audibly gasp at our collective seer powers!