Laugh a Little At This Friday Fun

Last time!

Hi everyone, I’m unfortunately back! Well, my contributions will probably be on-and-off until things get better on my end, but, for now, everyone thank Daemon for taking the wheel the past couple of weeks! What a legend!

Times are still tough for the vast majority of you guys, so lets make each other smile a little this week. Being an idol wota is essentially following, more often than not, entire groups of people, each with their own unique personalities, often for years at a time. When you put it like that, it’s impossible not to find something to laugh at. There’s a reason we added a “funniest moment” category to the best-of polls last year! There’s some groups who do almost nothing but clownery (looking at you, B*namon). 

So, think up of some funny moments that have happened in idol, old or new. Whether that be a flippant remark by oshi, an entire music video, or a comically questionably decision by management, if it made you laugh, share with the hashtag #FunnyIdolMoments! but, most importantly, take care of yourself./