Bringing Back Friday Fun For An Annual Tradition #2021IdolPredictions

Yes, 2020 has been a horrible year for many, and I’m sure I’m not the only one glad to see the end of it. But as I celebrate New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Day by the time you read this), something feels empty. It can’t be the enforced lockdown preventing any parties from happening, I never leave the house!

Oh, that’s right, normally I’d be reading all of your predictions for the coming year. But my silly unmotivated self killed the Friday Fun like 2020 killed everything else that kept me going! So, ah sod it, let’s bring back Friday Funs as a seasonal event. Starting with our traditional annual predictions!

But first, let’s look back on 2020’s predictions an analyse the absolute bitch that is hindsight:

100% came true:

Almost correct, with a few minor imperfections:

So horribly incorrect that it makes me wish Y2K happened 20 years late so I wouldn’t have to re-read it and weep for what could have been

Well! I sure hope we’ll be a little more realistic with our hopes and dreams this year after all the chaos 2020 handed to us! Go and tweet your predictions, no matter how out there they might seem, under #2021IdolPredictionss and we’ll look back on them next year, hopefully with less pain than tonight!