Get Some Style Tips From This Week’s Friday Fun

I don’t know about you, but some of these idols somehow managed to look even cuter with facial hair.

Speaking of looking cute, being in the public eye, its important for idols to look their best. Whether that be cute onstage costumes, or stylish outfits they picked out for themselves. Seeing chika idols pop up on street fashion blogs is pretty common and some have even gone on to create their own fashion brands! So this week, we’re celebrating the best of idol fashion. This is more specific to the clothes that idols wear in their offstage activities, but, if you’ve ever seen an official costume that made you think “I’d wear that to the club” then feel free to share that too!

Share photos of your favourite idol outfits with the hashtag #IdolFashion and maybe some of us will learn how to dress ourselves after this.