Photos and Fallout from Hug Me’s Last Live

I’ll just let the Facebook page handle the heavy lifting here:

Click this one for a nice little gallery

This was incidentally BiSH‘s show with the orchestra that I mentioned a while back; talk about picking a good way to go out!

BiSH’s next move is the Less Than Sex tour, at some point during which I’m guessing that we’ll meet the new member/s. Here’s the visual promo:

As usual, it’s Atsuko’s very knowing grin that’s the most unsettling thing in the photo.

Which, being kind of hilarious aside, manages to invoke both “IDOL is DEAD” and the “Final Dance”-era art from BiS. Know your visual cues, folks!

What this all means?

3 thoughts on “Photos and Fallout from Hug Me’s Last Live

  1. [The Less Than Sex Tour poster] Atsuko? It’s Aina’s crazy pose that gets my attention! I have mixed feelings of whether I should like it or not. Aina is my favorite and I think she is hot but I’m not sure about that pose. Anyway, I hope they release Hug Me’s last show on dvd. I’m curious about what BiSH would sound like live with an orchestra.

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