BiSH Cannonball, Episode 2

I hope you all saw Episode 1 of the, uh, clear-as-mud members-vs-members competitive distance/cash/human avoidance race that is the BiSH Cannonball Run. Otherwise, there is no context for this at all and I have other things to do and will not re-link everything!

Photos and Fallout from Hug Me’s Last Live

I’ll just let the Facebook page handle the heavy lifting here:

Click this one for a nice little gallery

This was incidentally BiSH‘s show with the orchestra that I mentioned a while back; talk about picking a good way to go out!

BiSH’s next move is the Less Than Sex tour, at some point during which I’m guessing that we’ll meet the new member/s. Here’s the visual promo:

As usual, it’s Atsuko’s very knowing grin that’s the most unsettling thing in the photo.

Which, being kind of hilarious aside, manages to invoke both “IDOL is DEAD” and the “Final Dance”-era art from BiS. Know your visual cues, folks!

What this all means?

Sunday Sucked: Bad News, Good News, Bad News, Wildly Irresponsible Rumor

I’m traveling for the job that actually pays me, and working in this field means that traveling for work equals 18-hour days, so do forgive the late notice if you haven’t already seen it. Also, posting will likely be even more sporadic than I anticipated.

ANYWAY, Bad News Items #1:

Yes, Hug Me, citing family reasons, is leaving BiSH basically immediately. While neither somewhat iconic leader nor definitely iconic center, Hug Me was nonetheless a cornerstone of BiSH since the group’s inception. She’s a genuinely interesting human being, and whatever has happened that is causing her to quit must be seriously tragic. While we lose a truly beloved homicidol figure, we still need to remember that the real pain is hers. All our best to you, Mug Me!

In better news, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da had already made it clear that they were back in the studio, and they announced the release date for their second for-sale single: Continue reading

Inside the Homicidol Mind: Hug Me on BiSH, Idoling and Being Onesself

Via the (newly found by me because I am lazy) BiSH fanpage on Facebook, here’s a legitimately really interesting interview with Hug Me, translated on Hello!Online and originally appearing in Billboard Japan.

Hug Me is the kind of unexpectedly important member that all groups need, dedicated and accepting of leadership and a contributor in and out of the spotlight. For a BiSH, following in BiS‘s footsteps so directly, that’s probably extra important. That she’s also funny, honest and unashamed of her body makes her even cooler.

This post has a weird post-grunge After School Special kind of vibe, doesn’t it?