The Nirvana Allusions Won’t Abate: BiSH NEVERMiND Tour

They named their fan club after an iconic song and are actually releasing albums at an even faster clip than grunge’s most “better to burnt out than fade away” irony headliners, so of course today’s obligatory BiSH post covers their early-2017 tour:

You can see the whole schedule here. It’s a much shorter tour than anything they’ve done in 2016, and thank goodness — they could all use a break. Continue reading

Photos and Fallout from Hug Me’s Last Live

I’ll just let the Facebook page handle the heavy lifting here:

Click this one for a nice little gallery

This was incidentally BiSH‘s show with the orchestra that I mentioned a while back; talk about picking a good way to go out!

BiSH’s next move is the Less Than Sex tour, at some point during which I’m guessing that we’ll meet the new member/s. Here’s the visual promo:

As usual, it’s Atsuko’s very knowing grin that’s the most unsettling thing in the photo.

Which, being kind of hilarious aside, manages to invoke both “IDOL is DEAD” and the “Final Dance”-era art from BiS. Know your visual cues, folks!

What this all means?

Idol Swindle Fallout: See BiSH’s “DEADMAN”, Prepare for Less than Sex

BiSH held their Idol Swindle Tour finale. It was basically a victory lap; the entire tour followed the very successful release of FAKE METAL JACKET and the announcement of their signing with avex trax, to be accompanied by their first major release on May 4.

Would you like to hear that song? (h/t @metalheadxXx)

Kick out the jams, mother fucker!

It’s called “DEADMAN,” which is fantastic, even if you’re not a big wrestling/Undertaker fan. A little more from the tour finale and BiSH‘s next steps on the More side. Continue reading