Remember That Long-ass Radio Interview by Guso Drop? Read It in English

It seems that our buddy Phillter has way too much time on his hands the translator’s bug, as below is the mostly full transcript of Guso Drop’s interview on N.E.T.-Shibuya Music Diver. For others who could follow it in Japanese, the man you want to fight over the parsing of a phrase is named Phillter, not Maniac; for those who like me cannot Japanese even a little bit, WOW LOOK AT ALL THAT GOOD WORK BRO.

Damian: Welcome to NET Shibuya Meiji Kodaeba [the location]. Hosting this show is me, Damian Jeep and…

Yura: His assistant, Yurapiko!

D: With a 40 minute show with information about music that the larger media normally doesn’t know about or enjoy. Let’s begin! Now for the 10th show, this is the Message From Driver!

Y: Today’s show’s questions are about May Sports Days. Relating to movement [exercise], what kind of questions will we hear I wonder?. And, today’s guest is a group that I belong to, the most violent idols in the world, Guso Drop! This is their first radio appearance, so it’ll be different that what we are used to, so I’m looking forward to it.

D: Yeah, it’ll be fun. And in the second half of the show we will announce some upcoming artists for the Shibuya N.E.T. Festival.

Y: What artists will we announce I wonder!

D: And with that the intro is over! Yay!

Y: Yay!

D: Alright, let’s do what we always do! Ready, go!


Outside: ONE LOVE!

D: Thanks, ok are you guys ready? Let me know when you guys are ready. OK here we go…


Outside: ONE LOVE!

D: OK, one more time:


Outside: ONE LOVE!

D: Alright thank you. This might be sudden, but I have some shocking news.

Y: OK…

D: Yeah..It’s my birthday today! Thank you thank you! I’m turning 33!

Y: Happy birthday!

D: Thank you!

Y: Actually, today I have a present for you.

D: Woah, really?! By the way, who is it from? The staff? You?

Y: Oh…It’s from me.

D: Oh ok, can I open it?

Y: Please, go ahead.

D: Ok (Opens it)…Oh I see, thank you. This show’s script, haha! Thank you, I’ll give it my all. I’m turning 33 and my hope this year is to actually become an adult. So I’ll do my best.

Y: But, Damian, you’re an adult to me…

D: Oh really?

Y: Yeah.

D: Even inside?

Y: Yeah, even your inside.

D: Oh thanks. Oh, last week [something…] came out.

Y: Uh, I’m an Idol…so…could you stop that? Haha.

D: Oh oops, sorry, haha. Should we move on?

Y: Yeah.

D: Right, let’s move on to Yurapikochan’s Fashion Check!! Alright, Yura, go ahead and stand over there please.

(3:28, music starts)
Side panel: YURA*PICO FASSION[sic]

Yurapiko’s clothing today is..?
Dress: Ray BEAMS cool-cuffs mini-dress, ¥14,040 [~$130]
Shoes: wego tankheel loafers ¥4,309 [~$40]

D: You’re cute today! (reads the sidepanel info) You’ve done lots of different fashions, haven’t you Yura? Your recently worn color is a current obsession [with the public]. This time you also really have a lot of that color, eh? (Yura nods). And, Yura, who loves collars, of course has one on her dress this time too. It coordinates well when you go to a place where you want to be quiet, like a library. Thank you, Yura, come on back. She was cute today, wasn’t she?! Your live concerts are, like, violent, right?

Y: Yeah.

D: Well, the clothes you wear and that [the concerts] have a big gap between them, don’t they?

Y: I’ve heard, “Wow, flashy” and stuff, and I want to go to a lot of different atmospheres, but today, since I’m on the radio, I want to look like I do currently.

D: So, kind of a normal-girl-look?

Y: Exactly.

D: By the way, is there some item that you want right now, for this season [fashion] or something?

Y: Right now, things that are becoming popular this year are a color called “Cola Pink”…

D: What kind of a color is “Cola Pink”

Y Well, it’s pink and orange, with a warm color in the middle [maybe something like this?]. So, I think “Oh, I want to get some clothes like that”!

D: I see, well, “Cola Pink”, huh. Everyone outside, what do you think? Cola Pink clothes are the thing everyone! Haha, look, he’s researching it probably. Well, let’s all look forward to the next Yurapiko Fashion. Now let’s move on to music, Yura?

Y: After the song, we’ll introduce Guso Drop, who has a new single coming out on June 8th called “Mushikara”!

D: This new single…this will be the first time any songs on it have been broadcast won’t it?

Y: Yes! This is the only place you can hear it now.

D: Alright, go ahead and introduce the song for us!

Y: OK! This is Guso Drop’s “Guso Drop”

(Music break)

D: Please sit, please sit! Everyone is full of energy. This is GUSO DROP!! (much cheering)

Everyone: Thank you for having us! [What they are saying is a Japanese thing that doesn’t translate well to English, here is the dictionary definition if you are curious]

D: So, first, let’s do a group introduction. Saki?

Saki: OK. Guso Drop’s concept is “to hit [physically] people with live music” and to be the most violent idols in the world.

D: Interesting, well thank you for being here today.
Everyone: Thanks for having us on today!

D: OK, let’s have the member introductions. Saki, oops, sorry, Rei, can you please start?

Rei: OK, Hi everyone, I’m the leader of the black color, Rei. (hidden middle finger).

D: Haha don’t show that! That was close! Ok next is..

S: I’m the leader of the red color, Saki. (well hidden middle finger)

D: Haha you did that like she did, alright. So, say somethin’! (gesturing to Yura)

Y: OK! I’m the leader of the yellow color Yurapiko! (poorly hidden middle finger)

D: Haha, cover that up more carefully, huh! There’s one member missing today, right?

Y: Yeah, the leader of the blue color, Anna. She has school council[?] today, so we’ll do our best with just three members today.

D: Alright let’s all be lively! Thanks for coming on!

Everyone: Thanks for having us!

D: Look at everyone outside! There’s a ton of people here. (waving outside) Thanks everyone!

Y: Thanks!

D: Yeah, everyone must be from around here huh?

R: There’s someone here from Osaka…

Y: Oh yeah! It’s far away!

D: Oh awesome!

Everyone: Thanks! [for coming]

D: OK, moving on to the next question. Oh, Yura?

Y: Before that, we have a present for your birthday today.

D: Oh awesome! Thank you! Oh, it’s a CD! Thank you so much! Oh! It’s an XL [t-shirt]! I’m surprised, because I wear Medium haha!

Y: Oh, wait, really?? Oh wow haha!

D: Yeah, I like tighter shirts.

Y: Oh ok!

S: Well, next time [we’ll give you a smaller size]. Absolutely.

D: Ok, well thank you for the gifts [he literally says “I received”, but here it expresses the same thing] Ok let’s return to the questions. Rei, can you tell us about the history of the group?

R: Alright, as a 5-member group we were together for about a year, then in the two months since going to 4 members we have moved to a new style.

D: It’s more and more a “fresh” feeling, right? How is it going now?

R: [Compared to before] it’s got a feeling of being “Powered Up”.

S: Yeah, we’re soaking up the violence and doing our best.

D: I want to hear it, how about it everyone?! (vigorous nodding) Haha, yeah. Becoming more violent than before, haha. OK, thank you. Now, uh, let’s move on to the next segment, this show’s “Message From Driver!”

Everyone: Yay!

D: Yura, if you please?

[warning: this doesn’t make sense…]
Y: OK, This corner is “Greatly be against blind faith”, to the nerds of “power that had to be delivered”, “the incident of Jeep Damian saying something strange” selection Corner!

D: OK thanks! What is the theme today?

Y: Today’s theme is “Sports Days in May” [“Sports Day” is something schools do where the whole school will have a day of playing sports together. Some schools in America do it as well and mostly call it “field day”]

D: Sports Days…Do they happen in May?

Y: Yeah, in like May and June middle schoolers have them.

D: Ah, when I was in school we had them in October.

Y: Oh, lots of elementary schools have them in October I think.

D: Oh I see, I see. So, let’s bring your attention to some Sports Days in May [questions]!

Y: This is from “Akuriru Kaysukay”:
Jeep, Yura, everyone in Guso Drop, hello! I often go see Guso Drop live, and the “World’s most violent idols” aren’t just that, their concerts are like Sports Days. When everyone in Guso Drop was in school and participating in Sports Days, were there any impressive matches? I really like “Chicken Fight” [Wikipedia entry], so when at Guso Drop concerts I usually do something like it. I’m looking forward to your next concert! One love!

D: One love! Oh, he’s here today! Oh, wait, oops sorry I was wrong. So, at concerts there really is something that looks like a Chicken Fight, isn’t there?

S: Yeah…Recently we play dodgeball too..

D: At the concert? In the middle of the concert?

S: At the concert, yeah, during it.

D: The audience does it?

S: The audience and the members…the audience against the members.

D: Oh awesome haha! I see, so it kinda is like a Sports Day.

Y: Yeah, it has to be in the middle of the audience so…

D: …So you have to separate the sides…

Y: Yeah exactly. We are only 4 people, so we have to be careful so…

D: I see, so you have to have more “outs” because you have less people.

Y: Yeah, it’s maybe a little unfair but…

D: By the way, who does the throwing?

Y & S: We all do.

D: Ah, you all get people out huh? I see I see. So, without the dodgeball and stuff, they are like normal concerts, with people crowd surfing, etc?

R: Yeah, chicken fights and stuff.

D: Is that OK?

S: Well…my teeth are often chipped! Like, the mic will hit me in the mouth and my lips get cut up and I’ve chipped 3 teeth now.

D: Woah, be careful! You’re still a young girl!

S: Yeah, also, we get lots of bruises.

R & Y: Yeah, lots of bruises…

S: Yeah we get them a lot.

D: Yeah Pikochan has some on her legs. I saw them off-air.

Y & D: Yeah but they magically got better by the time we went live, haha.

D: Ok, be careful you guys! Oh, and don’t forget our sponsors (holds up bottles). Thank you. Now, let’s introduce the next song. Rei, if you please?

R: OK, this is Guso Drop’s “Number 18”

(Music break)

D: OK! Everyone was gathering outside at the climax.

Y: Yeah it’s really getting crowded here.

D: (Looking at Rei) You were giving instructions [during the break to the audience members outside]…?

R: Well, I’m the boss of course, so I lead the audience as well.

D: Ah I see, because you’re so used to doing it haha.

R: Yeah (looking outside at the audience) OK everyone, jump together, ok, ready, jump! (Everyone outside jumps at about the same time)

D: Oh! Good jumping! Haha.

Everyone: More jumping! Jump higher!

R: Ok, one more time everyone. Ok, ready, jump! (Almost no one jumps) Everyone stopped! Cmon!

Everyone: Maybe they didn’t hear or something…Yeah…

D: Ok let’s move on to the next question. Yura?

Y: OK! This is from “Sand Dog”:
Jeep, Yurapiko, the guest Guso Drop, hello. (Everyone: Hello) The theme is “Sports Days in May”. Whether they are in May or not, I’ll act like mine are also in May. I participated in the head-to-head relay, and I was just before the anchor position. Luckily, even though when I was being approached by the teammate before me in the relay we were in second place, I opened up a big lead to become the top. Every-day running is not interesting I think, before the teammate that was being cheered on passed, I was moving my arms around and around, flew on the track, and was caught up in the moment. Then, due to the violent movement, my legs became tangled, and tumbled. In a flash, the others had closed halfway around the track to make it a dead-heat result. The final anchor tried really hard, and me made it to the top, but it’s dangerous to be so excited. My companion’s efforts were unexpected…Even now the memory is embarrassing for me. Have you guys ever messed up at a Sports Day?

D: That’s exactly how I am. I get caught up in the moment. I’ve done marathons [races I think, maybe not full marathons] and stuff, running around and around the outside of the school, but at the start I would really want to pull ahead while everyone was watching and waving.

Y: That fits you I think, haha!

D: Yeah, sorry, haha. It’s because I’m a guy, you know.

Y: Ah, yeah, you want to be cool.

S: I’m kind of a careful person, so, I don’t really…Like, in elementary school, one time I was chosen to participate in the relay, and since I’m this type of person, I don’t really have those kind of worries [about messing up].

D: I see. Pikochan has messed up though, right?

Y: Yeah…I’m like in the letter, well I don’t get caught up in the moment like they did, but when the baton is handed off I totally tumbled over, haha.

D: Haha, so even though they stick the baton out like normal. That’s very like you, haha.

Y: …And then I’d raise my eyes up, haha.

D: Haha that’s cute! I see. Oh, let’s present our sponsors (raises bottles to camera). OK, let’s return back to the guests. And on to the next question.I want to hear about the differences between you guys and other idols. Pikochan?

Y: The differences between us and other idols are, that other idols try to be cute and stuff, and try to give off a cute feeling, but we have violent concerts and stuff..

D: Ah, so “being cute” is not the only thing about you…

Y: Yeah exactly, we aren’t only trying to be cute.

S: Well, there are plenty of [venues or people, kinda ambiguous] that don’t really like us…We spit water and stuff so, like, fan of “old idols” end up not liking us.

D: You guys throw water around towards the audience?

S: Yeah, yeah. But even so, people that don’t like us don’t like us, and people that like us like us.

D: Gotcha, kinda “50/50 split”?

S: It’s impossible for everyone to like a group like us, so like…

D: Not quite huh, haha.

S: Yeah haha.

Y: 50 [out of 100] hate us and 50 love us.

D: I see I see. A “More is more” kind of theme, right? (Everyone nods and agrees) Gotcha. What do you think Rei?

R: But even the haters are fans of a sort, aren’t they?

D: Haha. I guess they are, if they came to see your show. Those were really deep words, wow.

Y: Yeah

D: Forgive me for asking, but is your voice always like that?

R: It’s been becoming dryer and dryer.

Y: When we entered the band it was cute though…

R: Yeah, it was…it just became like this unintentionally.

D: So that’s not just from sake? Haha!

R: No, not just from sake haha!

D: So, including the haters, you want to become a 50/50 idol?

Y: Yes.

D: Ok thanks. Next, it might be a little vague but, what is “Idol” to you? I guess let’s go one by one. So, let’s start with Rei.

R: So, “Idol” is, of course..uh…people who cheer for idols try to have [not a real word]…

S: You mean incentive?

R: Haha, oops! Yeah…

D: It’s OK. So, they try to have incentive…

R: Yeah…And don’t have much for themselves. And of course, My appearance is not I guess what you would call Idol, the “no wounds” look. Like, I continue doing things I like doing, you know, and represent myself…and…uh…sorta…do things like there isn’t an audience watching me.

D: I see I see I see, so not do things just to try to incentivize people to come see you perform…

R: Yeah.

D: Ok thanks, What about Saki?

S: So…in response to the “what is ‘Idol’” question right?

D: Yes, yes, relating to you even.

R: Haha! [because Saki forgot the question maybe?]

S: Like, it doesn’t really matter really…even if you call yourself an idol you aren’t an idol, right?

D: Oh, absolutely. Wow!

S: Well, I really enjoy singing, so it’s like I think people think “oh I can only become an idol [if I want to sing]”, but even without that, I want to just sing. [whether I’m an idol or not].

D: I see, so you want to become an idol full of your own abilities.

S: Not quite. Like…if I was told “we will be decreasing your singing”…that feeling would…

D: Ah, Hard-won and important kinda something right?

S: Yeah, and I’ll try my hardest to that end.

D: Gotcha, so you want to become that kind of idol. Pikochan?

Y: Well, of course I think the same as what the others have said before me, but, I want to make everyone smile, so I guess that’s like an idol [definition], and I guess it’s kind of an obvious thing, but making people smile is a really difficult thing I think, so I want to continue to try hard at that.

D: Oh wow, that’s nice! Make people smile…

Y: (Looking outside at the audience) [and struggling with a really hard grammar] You are made to smile, right? Haha! (thumbs up)

D: Haha look, people are smiling! Thanks everyone haha! People are being made to smile because of you. So that is what you think it means to be “Idol”. Thanks. So, next question: Normal idols perform by themselves, so when there is also a band it sounds like a different thing I think…

S: But, at the start, at concerts with bands, there wasn’t much of a difference.

D: And when the stage is raised, the group is like “meh, oh well, nothing we can do about it”, like that?

Y: Yeah, Bands give lots of passion, so we wanted to be like that too…

D: And that passion will raise the intensity? And pick out that passion like a band?

Y: Yes.

D: I see I see, like that. This might be unrelated, but before long there will be an event with a band right? Everyone go and drink haha. Oh, to that, Yura you have something to say right…?

Y: Ah, Rei, can you…?

R: Yeah, um, Enslave and Guso Drop [she adds “san” to their name, which is not a thing you should do (she’s obviously very nervous on this show), so she then corrects herself, saying their name without using “san”] will perform together.

D: Yeah! On…June 11th? Yeah June 11th.

R: Yeah, the 11th.

Everyone: Please come see the show!

D: And now, more importantly, July…

Y: July 3rd, at the Metal Festival!

D: Alright! Let’s go! Shibuya’s NET space’s GROOOOOOUUUUUUUUP! Thanks everyone! July 3rd, a Sunday, Shibuya’s 3rd Milky Way Festival is happening. We will now be announcing the third selection of artists.

(Announces the artists that will be performing at the festival)

(Saki announces the song “I do I do!”, music break)

D: Alright! Let’s continue with the questions. Yura?

Y: OK! This is from Fujikosan, who is outside right now:
May, “Cloudless May” is a word, but the flow of the upper atmosphere stagnates, and similar weather is easily continued, and it looks like there will continue be many cloudless days. “The easily-cloudless May that doesn’t lose to summer, isn’t inferior to summer, with lots of ultra-violet rays” is a famous saying, but do you girls think “I want to be fair- and wheat-colored”? Summer is getting closer, and your illogical[?] live shows, and your opportunities to get burned are increasing I think, but keep trying your best not to lose! [and get burned by the sun]

[Cultural note: Having very fair or white skin is considered exceedingly beautiful by the women of Japan, so saying you have white skin is a compliment. This article gives a brief overview on its cultural meaning and history.]

Everyone: Thanks!

D: To start with, everyone is pretty white I think.

S: I don’t know about that… [how you would say if someone gave you a compliment, meaning to be modest]

D: Haha, well look (gestures outside) [indicating all of the men gathered around, meaning because they are pretty]

S: I’m SUPER dark…

D: OH, are you Gyaru then? Haha.

S: Haha there’s no reason to think I’m that! But in the past I played outside a lot, in middle school I was incredibly dark. Like, there were sometimes I would say “Wow, you are dark.” to myself.

D: Noticing your differences eh?

S: [Speaking WAY too fast] So therefore I wanted lighter skin…Also, I did some researching, and I found that if you eat white chocolate, your skin gets lighter.

R: That’s such a lie! Haha!

Y: Whaaaat!

S: Hold on! Everyone doesn’t believe it, but a beauty expert, a really famous beauty expert said it…

D: “A famous”…that phrase is vexing haha!

S: Well well well well, I can eat a lot of sweet things, so I thought “If it’s white chocolate, I can do that.”, so every day bit by bit I eat white chocolate and I got a little lighter.

D: Whaaat, no way!

Y: That’s amazing! Other than Saki, it’s like a mom-equation.

D: Like she is a “bag full of wisdom”. Haha.

Y: Maybe it’s true though.

D: Huh, send me some white chocolate haha.

S: Haha, absolutely.

D: Maybe the show will send me some to try this. Haha, thanks. Rei, you’re also white, aren’t you?

R: I guess so, yeah, I’m pretty white, haha…yeah… (^^ゞ

D: Haha and there’s no excusing it huh?

R: Yeah…

D: I see. Yura?

Y: I ‘m told I have a white face, but because of makeup, my legs get dark [makeup blocking the sun from tanning her face I guess]. Like Othello.

D: Othello?…Oh I get it, OK OK. Now, it’s just my personal thing, but between white and dark, I like dark.

Everyone: Oh…

D: Haha, no reaction…eh…Yeah…I really like dark Gyaru.

Everyone: Ah…

S: Yeah, you seem like you like it [like dark skin].

D: Yeah, haha, I haven’t really talked about it before.

S: There used to be dark Gyaru in Shibuya and stuff, but now everyone is white, aren’t they?

Everyone: Yeah, yeah.

Y: Yeah everyone changed.

D: You don’t really hear about it anymore right, people get money, everyone changes haha. Sorry!

Y: Well we don’t really know about that so, haha!

D: Oh, Pikochan, it’s time (shows off bottles again). Thank you very much. OK let’s move on to the next question. A song that you like is…? Rei?

R: OK, well a song that I like that is one of ours…? (D: Oh, yeah yeah) OK, well I like “Kuma-san bokoboko paradise”.

D: Kumo-san bokoboko paradise…that’s a great name. We’ve played it on this show, right?

Y: Yeah, we’ve had it on here.

D: OK, what do you like about it?

[Warning: this answer doesn’t make much sense…It fits Rei’s personality, but still…]
R: I like that the bear does bokoboko [I think it has the meaning of hitting repeatedly here?]. Like, a sibling who is a bear throws away a guest seat and repeatedly hits stuff. When he leaves the house and everyone is moving against him at full speed. And he can’t get through.

D: Therefore he starts lashing out? And that’s why you like it.

R: Yeah.

D: Gotcha, thanks. Saki?

S: I like “SlowRain@東京.” It’s a song where we get to use umbrellas.

D: Oh I know that song. The umbrellas light up, right?

S: Yeah, I like other songs too, but this song…most of the other songs are violent, but this song is quieter, and because of that I think “I want to know how everyone is feeling” or something, and…like…that’s awesome…and the lyrics, I really like those.

D: What are the lyrics like?
(Saki sings a part from the chorus)

D: Haha wow, that was sudden!

S: That kind of feeling.

D: So that’s why you like, I get it. Thanks. Yura?

Y: It’s an exciting song live, but I like “Hirari, Hira Hira.” Everyone gets excited for this song at concerts, and I like to sing the “Hirari, Hira Hira” part.

D: And everyone can sing it with you.

Y: Yes!

D: Well, Saki showed us her favorite part before…so…I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing by yourself before haha, so I thought “I’ll tease her a little” [to get her to sing like Saki did].

Y: Ok, I’ll try…(sings and laughs)

D: Just to there? Haha, OK thank you. Well, next question. I think the people outside are excited for this question, “Gu-Shin” is what kind of thing? Can you explain what a “Gu-Shin” is? Rei?

R: Yeah, “Gu-Shin” are people who have seen a Guso Drop live show, it’s the “Gu” [遇] from Guso Drop and “Kami” [A god, 神, so Gu-Shin is 遇神]

D: I see, so a “Guso Drop God”? But not everyone is one, right? Only chosen people are, right?

R: Yeah I guess.

D: Like, members choose them, like a fan club?

R: Yeah, like that.

D: Is there anyone outside that is a Guso God?

R: Hmmm, almost everyone is…

Y&S: Yeah

D: So, what kind of an existence is a Guso God? Saki?

S: Well, they are all Gods.

D: Hear that everyone? You are Gods! Haha.

S: Even if they only come to one show, they have the experience of seeing the show.

D: I see, and through that they become Gods? Haha.

S: Yeah, something like that.

D: So, they are kinda like family, aren’t they Pikochan.

Y: To me, without the Gu-shin, and to the Gu-shin without us, neither of us would exist.

D: Haha, while smiling she said that. Those are true feelings people!

Y: Haha, I said a good thing.

D: Haha no one is troubled. So, moving on, we have a bulletin…put it over there please (moves whiteboard to sit in front of the camera). OK, tell us a little about this.

S: OK, on June 4th Guso Drop will be having a One-Man concert!

Everyone: Yay!

D: It’s a big venue, right?

S: It’s huge! But the sales booth sounds hollow right now, there haven’t been enough tickets sold! But we really want you to come.

R: There’s also a dodgeball court you guys!

D: Haha, I see, like what you were saying before. What time does it start?

S: 6:00 p.m.

D: And the entry fee?

S: ¥3000. [~$27.50]

D: Now, what kind of enthusiasm is there for this? Do people generally come alone?

R: Yeah, so, I’ll try really hard at practice…I don’t wanna lose to anyone at dodgeball.

D: Haha, Thanks, And…?

S: In a serious way…? Yeah, I think…uh…there is a max capacity of 3000 people, while still being safe. For now, I really want people to come, and I want to try my very best!

D: Of course! You want to show everyone [your performance]! Alright everyone, let’s go to this concert! Pikochan?

Y: Yeah, I mean, of course “how many people?” doesn’t matter to me, person by person, I want to make people smile and have fun. And the people that listen to this radio broadcast, I want to make them have fun to, thank you for listening!

Everyone: Thank you!

D: Now, any last words for you all?

R: Yeah, Guso Drop is scary, and violent, and dangerous, but, people that want to come, please come see us!

D: Please do! And…?

S: Because you can’t watch this radio program, come and see us!

D: Haha that was an awesome thing to say! Haha you’re just talking right? Haha. And…?

Y: Even though I’m this show’s assistant, I’m also a member of Guso Drop, so please, even if it is just one time, come and see us!

Everyone: Thank you everyone!

D: Ok, go ahead and stay where you are everyone.
(Damian and Yurapiko talk some about the Shibuya NET Festival and the bands that they announced)

D: OK, so, the title of the last song is? Yura?

Y: Ok, please listen to Guso Drop’s “Hirari, Hirahira”!

D: See ya everyone!

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