PassCode Also Releases the Track List for “VIRTUAL”

I guess it’s PassCode Friday! I am not displeased with that! But here’s Nao with the track list for the upcoming release:

Thanks, Nao.

That’s actually an interesting list, with all three singles included. “Never Sleep Again” isn’t a surprise at all, as it’s still only a few months old, but to go all the way back to “Nextage” (that is, to the same time frame that All Is Vanity was released) makes me wonder if they aren’t considering this album something of a reboot; Yu-ri’s departure took away the last of the original members.

Or it’s possible that they just wanted updated versions of those songs with Hinako, who seems to be trending toward a very center-like role in the group despite being the new kid on the block.

At any rate, now we know a little bit more about what we’re anticipating. I’m personally marking down “MOON PHASE” and “Selfish Girl” as tracks of interest. That probably says something about me, huh?

8 thoughts on “PassCode Also Releases the Track List for “VIRTUAL”

  1. What a fantastic day to wake up to! (Little late to the party…dumb West coast time difference!)

    Anyway, I wanted to expand on something you said. I think Hinako is (in her own way) an exact Yu-ri replacement: she tends to take a lot of the solo vocal parts and she seems to be “represented” by the more club-y sounds (made obvious when she is pushed to fight the dancing ninjas in the new MV), both things which were old Yu-ri trademarks. Even though she’s the new kid, I’m liking her better every new song they put out. She isn’t trying to BE Yu-ri, just taking her parts in the bigger picture of the band’s sound.
    I’m really interested in hearing the redone NextAge and Now I Know singles with Hinako. And I wanna know what Dream Maker and Don’t Leave Me Alone are! Like you said in the MV post, I wonder if they aren’t showing the harder songs publicly right now, but we will get Yuna-in-face’d on the other new tracks…

    One thing is for sure: May can’t come soon enough.

      • This is something you commonly see with the Mask Girls. Kinda one of their slogans: 地下最強(chika saikyou) “underground strongest” or in more English-y terms “strongest in the underground”, which we now know that they are, thanks to the Corenament (^^)

        • Oh, and the bigger writing is just their name, 仮面女子(Kamen Joshi). Didn’t know if you wanted that too or just the smaller writing (^^ゞ

          • YOU…..ARE….THE…..MAN !!!!!!! Thank you so much. All words were a mystery, thanx for the 2nd post. Now that we have plenty of our #1 Babymetal merch, our #2 Kamen Joshi merch, our #3 bands merch will be purchased. That’s right, that sweet Passcode jacket shall be mine (;_;). Thanx again for your help my friend.

      • Hey Jaxon, you seem to be a resident Mask Girl authority around here. I was just watching my work video list and wondered, who does the harsh vocals for them? Is it one of the members, or do they have someone come in and do it? Or are they electronically generated?

        • Hey phillter, realizing that growling isn’t really a part of their style, and only appears occasionally (rarely) in only a few songs, it’s most likely one of the studio musicians performing the task. Much like Babymetal. If you’re referring to “Genkidane”, that’s definitely a male voice. One of the only other examples I could offer would be “Mousou Nikki”, a song 3 years prior, with essentially the same growling voice.See link at intro and at 2:40 in. The only designated vocalists they have are Nanaka and Yuki as “The Rappers”. Hope this satisfies your curiosity. C U

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