New BiSH, PassCode on a Friday

When you rely on Twitter to get your idol news, waking up in the morning can be a little bit of a chore. “Ugh, this looks like some kind of actual announcement,” you say as you tap the Bing translator to get the English-ish jumble of text that might make sense. “Oh, it’s just another promo for a thing that happened four months ago/won’t happen for four months.” And then you go on with your life.

But then there are days like today!

Yes, on Nov. 20, 2015, not one but two significant videos were dropped by groups dear to my homicidol heart.

PassCode’s “Never Sleep Again” had been teased for a little while as their official third single, and I’m very happy to finally get it; it’s right in their wheelhouse (more so than “Now I Know,” I think) and seems to feature the current post-Yuri lineup exclusively, which isn’t terribly important but does give you some idea of when the final vocals and video were recorded.

(And if this song is what she was referring to when she mentioned her dissatisfaction with the group’s musical direction … I guess because it’s closer to their EDM side than their digital hardcore side? I don’t quite get it.)

Anyway, it’s a very good tune, and it’s definitely being added to the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist.

So is BiSH’s “All You Need Is Love,” which pretty much came out of nowhere. I don’t go over their tweets with a fine-toothed comb these days, but AFAIK none of the other websites had an inkling that this was coming, either. (The song starts at about 4:58.)

On their profile page, I make a lot of the fact that, at least to the point that the profile was written, BiSH seemed to mostly be following in BiS’s spiritual footsteps much more than their musical ones. So of course, literally while that profile was being completed, they release a video (which is, I believe, not technically a single) for a song that’s a direct callback to BiS’s “primal,” from sound to subject matter to visuals.

Is this the BiSH that we’ll hear more of on their upcoming second album?

I kind of like that these releases happened at the same time, too, because Twitter makes it look like BiSH and PassCode are very good friends, and I like when friends can succeed together.

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