New PassCode MV Merges Past and Future

I love idol Friday. There’s almost always something cool waiting when I wake up in the morning. For instance, a new PassCode video!

I am really happy about this song.

Performers evolve. They have to. And we’ve known literally for months that PassCode was evolving, going all the way back to Yu-ri graduating in part due to dissatisfaction with their musical direction. Then we had the early MV releases of “From Here” and “Axis” — I basically called Axis the New PassCode. And this song is, in a lot of ways, sticking in the direction that they were exploring with “Axis,” taking away the hardest edges, lifting up the bottom of the tone.

But it’s also the first thing they’ve done in a while that harkens back to the self-aware fun of the early All Is Vanity material, especially songs and videos like “XYZ.” And I’m really glad to see that; not because HEY VINTAGE PASSCODE but because their really sudden rise could have made a lot of groups want to turtle their personalities. It’s one thing to have a get-serious orientation when you’re doing things like “Never Sleep Again” and adopting that all-too-cool posture, but “From Here” in particular was so staid that I wanted to hit something for them — “God, do a breakdown or something!”

No such problem here! Yeah, it’s lightened up, a choice that they no doubt made because they really do have the potential to be a big(ger) deal, so another level of access is necessary. And yeah, it’s another song that if you just left it to play as part of a list and didn’t pay attention to it, you’d think was right out of or Niji no Conquistador’s playbook (that Akihabara influence is strong these days). And yeah, Yuna’s most exciting contribution continues to be downplayed. But Kaede is back to always looking like she can’t believe this shit, the visual gags are on point, the tone is a lot of fun, the video’s probably going to get a lot of play. It’s good.

And remember:

Not only is VIRTUAL still more than a month away (plenty of time for another video!), it’s going to be a very hefty release. We might just be getting the things that are more destined for regular radio play, and the more death-on-the-dance-floor stuff is still in there and great.

UPDATE: Dedicated merch!

So this is the lead track for the album, eh? Not a bad one to hang your hats on, PassCode.

Also, I broke down and added this to the Ultimate Homicidols Playlist. I enjoy it too much.

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    • HaHaHa. He already gave you the stink eye once before with that kind of talk. You’re going to be responsible for furthering his addiction and possibly heap big trouble with the Mrs. when boxes from Japan begin arriving filled with exotic band merch. She’ll be giving him the stink eye, and it’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT. LoL

      • I am in a way very fortunate that Mrs. Maniac’s birthday very recently passed, and I am ALL OUT OF MONEY for like a week or so.

        Also, though: I kind of can’t wait to actually someday get some of that stuff.

        • Hey, you know, I heard that someone is gonna be able to just order stuff from websites just like that and get it shipped to his apartment soon…just a thought (^_-)

  1. This is incredible!!!

    Like I said in the final of the Corenament: you know this is a Passcode song 10 seconds in. Sure, it’s a little lighter on the ears and sure, it’s playing it kinda safe when compared to something like 激動プログレッシブ, but this is a fantastic direction to take the sound in. It is still very “them”, but just exploring new territory. And besides, being able to distinctly hear a clean Yuna solo part is a rare thing indeed. I wonder if, like you alluded to, this is the new album’s “XYZ”, which always stood out to me as a little different from the rest of ALL IS VANITY.
    In any case, the video is hilarious, the tune in good ol’ catchy Passcode, and that new album (and the band’s future) are looking better all the time. Stay tuned folks, it’s gonna get awesome in here!

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