Do Whatever You Have to Do to Prepare Yourself for Minna no Kodomo-chan, Because You Aren’t Yet Ready for This

Good lord, what a thing to step into first thing on a Wednesday.

Minna no Kodomo-chan, winners of the Corenament, owners of some of my very favorite idol-related music to date, a teen chika power duo if there ever was one, an entity that manages to loom immensely despite the cumulative height of its members being about 8′ (it’s the backboards, I’m sure), have an album that’s out today. You have no doubt endured my barely contained hype, as I have been all kinds of excited since the day that it was announced, and I was practically giddy yesterday when they made it clear that an MV was going to happen this morning.

Friends, did it ever:

If you’re wondering why it took me well over an hour to get this out, it’s because I wasn’t in a place to heart react immediately, and I just spent most of that time struggling to get to where I needed to be to finish this post. And, sometimes, time is gift — you can think things through and mull them over and force-listen to a piece a few more times. What a gift, man.

I wrote this:

So I’m hoping for a very loud, aggressive and thematically disturbing year from this twisted little duo.

What an entry. Thank you for making me feel prescient, kiddos.

There’s a neat flavor to Kodomo-chan songs, a real dedication to completing the thought and giving the theme/s one more spin before wrapping up.* I extra appreciate that in this case in particular, because at the moment when the song could have easily headed for home, it went back for that one more spin, which not only added extra flair to a surprisingly (no, really) deep and complex composition, but added time to that brain-buster of an MV.

I have zero complaints. I’m not even sure that I’m allowed to complain; Everybody’s Children have made it abundantly clear that they aren’t just around for laughs, and that they need to be taken seriously. Retroactively, I could not be more pleased that they were Corenament champions, because Corenament champions get a lot of attention, and this is a project that not only has deserved a lot of attention for quite a long time, but seems like they’re stepping into that spot at exactly the right time.

By the way, filthy gaijin wota, just in case you forgot that you need to buy this:

If I win, I’m going to go make such an obnoxiously big deal about it and book a venue and spend a few months selling the hell out of the show

I can’t wait to have this album, you guys.

*My least favorite thing about much songwriting is when the composer — an individual, group, netherdemon, etc. — tries to keep things too neat and tidy. Yes, music theory is a thing, and it matters, but why would you leave potential moves just sitting, unused, in your basket of options? It’s arguably worse than the writers who don’t know how to end, and so just do, or the writers who add a verse or chorus too many, or who fail to do anything interesting with the bridge. GIVE ME COOL AND SMART THINGS IN YOUR SONGS OKAY!