Please Have a Big Honkin’ Year, Minna no Kodomo-chan

So I’ve been feeling a little badly about selling Minna no Kodomo-chan short in my 2017 recap; the thing is, they did great work, but so very little of it! Trash-Up!!’s loudest little idols haven’t exactly been on hiatus or anything. They’re just on a very high school-indie kind of release schedule or something.

Nonetheless, they’re kicking off the year with the kind of abandon that only a group with a song called “I wish I were dead when I wake up” could muster:

It’s so djenty!

Their first one-man is rapidly approaching. Not really the kind of thing that layabout idols do!

So I’m hoping for a very loud, aggressive and thematically disturbing year from this twisted little duo.

What a promo

If we’re all good little children, Minna no Claus will bring us at least a full-on single soon, if not an entire album and plenty of violence-addled MVs to promote it.