Minna no Kodomo-chan Could Set This World on Fire

Folks, bless you for buzzing about this yesterday:

Minna no Kodomo-chan, who have to be one of the most under-rated idol units in existence despite being pretty dang well-rated by folks who know them, had a one-man. With a band. And they clearly crushed it.

I have to say, maybe it’s the TRASH-UP!! association, or just how things work in the scene, but I feel a strong Dots influence at work here. I want the studio version of this so I can pick out its subtler bits and then try to think of an adequate portmanteau for shoegaze+metalcore.

If I had a quibble at all, it’s that I’m somewhere between loving and hating the new back panel doodads. Like, they look bad as hell, but I kind of miss the big, declarative text with their names on it — how is the average wota to tell Hono and Cinnamon apart (other than the fact that they don’t really look alike), and how are they to know which of the back panel doodads is the correct back panel doodad for them to wear?

Idol tours are becoming more real. As much as I want one of the entire Aqbi family, or heaven forbid WACK or Codomomental, I’d love for TRASH-UP!! to gather up all of the idols they’ve released over the past couple of years, even putting Kuroneko no Yuutsu back together for the occasion, and make it to any city in the Americas, to which I’d gladly fly to see a series of 15-minute sets that are mostly MC time. Or send Minna no Kodomo-chan on this final go of the Warped Tour and see what happens.

One thought on “Minna no Kodomo-chan Could Set This World on Fire

  1. I don’t mind the new outfits/doodads so much but that song is doing nothing for me. It seems to be missing all of their usual poppy/weird/industrial metal-esque goodness. It is cool to see them with a live band though – minus the guitar solo anyway.

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