Oh Look, Another Sneaky BiSH Release

I don’t know, did I miss something? It did seem like the queens of all media were making more noise than usual, what with “PAiNT it BLACK” and the Aina butt video still fairly fresh in mind; if they were to announce a new record, it would be for a little while away, right?

Try next week:

Because I felt like looking up the press releases associated with all of this stuff: They’re going on tour, naturally, and also wrapping up the TO THE END tour that I thought was kind of presaging Aina’s inevitable split with the group, and yes, they’re calling it TO THE END, THE END, which is pretty much cruel. Tour’s got a bitchin’ name, though.

Anyway, the single is already on iTunes, if you want it, or the deluxe version, or the super deluxe version. I’m guessing that it’s going to be stupid good.

One thought on “Oh Look, Another Sneaky BiSH Release

  1. Well they didn’t really announce it. It was already announced ish one-two months ago from what I remember. However, it was announced for June 20th, but the tweet states that it was pushed forward now.

    Funny thing is they still haven’t changed the description of HiDE the BLUE on youtube, which still states June 20th as the release date.

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