Under Beasty Made It to Their Fourth Anniversary

This started off as a Weekender joint, but I had one of those moments where you realize that you’ve been forgetting about idols that you really like simply because there’s too much dang idol and other stuff, and they’ve been a little off to the side of the radar, and whose fault is that but your own? Exactly.

Under Beasty, The Super-Indie Idols Who Could, one of those groups that I’ve pretty much always and pretty much always will champion if for no greater reason than their ability to prove that even the totally self-produced can make this wild game work, have had a pretty good ride of things over the years. They’re not even super-indie anymore, having hooked up with actual management along the way and gotten a strong enough budget to release stuff like this and put on decently sized one-mans.

So consider this a celebration of them, in a way, because this right here is what I wanted to Weekender:

But there’s more going on, and they deserve a fuller post.

For instance, you can get their live CD/DVD to celebrate the anniversary:

Or just get Yumu’s debut single:

Absolutely no signs of slowing down. I couldn’t be happier for them.

3 thoughts on “Under Beasty Made It to Their Fourth Anniversary

  1. Awesome, I really wasn’t expecting (but certainly was hoping for!) a solo MV/song of Yume/Yumu. I really wish this could could be more successful/better known, they really deserve it.

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