I’m Sympathetic to the Spirit of This Video



You should see my face

For the record, I did see this when it hit the Idolnet the other day, and then added it to this hilariously long list of things that I want to get to. So there.

But that’s Minna no Kodomochan, or Everyone’s Children (Twitter). That song is “Okitara Shindetai,” Google’s translation of which I prefer: “I want to die when I wake up.” What a pleasant notion!

This is their only video, and there’s like nothing of them on YouTube otherwise, so I was surprised to see that the group’s coming up on being almost a year old … and then I saw that they may, like PiGU, be connected to a cafe. House bands have come a long way, kids.

They did just release a single, which is what I’m guessing that this is coming from:

Even their merch is awesome, if a little Hot Topic.

All that jazz aside, would you get a load of that song? It’s like if the now-dead Kuroneko no Yuutsu had gone out doing Ministry covers (I would have been extremely okay with that). This is the music that I created this site for. I also appreciate that the two members, Honoka and Cinnamon, are of a cumulative age somewhere south of 35. Had this kind of thing existed when I was their age … well, I was listening to a lot of Ministry and stuff in those days, Soul Coughing, L7 … I’m thinking that this would’ve been right up my alley, except I was probably too much of a dipshit then (shut up) to want to admit it.

Keep doing things like this, Kodomochan. In fact, tell me how much money I need to give you to keep doing this.

2 thoughts on “I’m Sympathetic to the Spirit of This Video

  1. I quite like this but i feel like i should like it more than i do…
    What is that about? I gave it a couple of days and listened to it quite a lot and i will probably listen to it more in the future, but…
    I guess it just doesn’t hit up that kind of rush for me.

    Anyway, i am pretty sure they edited the title and the description of the video? Or am i going crazy? Was all that English there originally?

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