Vietnam’s Idol Sensation POLARIS is Truly Truly Contagious!

International idols seem to be making some waves lately! Over in France they’ve got WACK tribute artists ORiYON, and from Italy, (via China I believe) there’s ERISU who’ve gotten some well-deserved buzz going on. It’s enough to get one wondering what else is going on in new idol territory out side of Japan. From the little bits and pieces I’ve picked up online, I do know that there are now pockets of active idols throughout Asia, the Southeast in particular, but these groups are mostly still too niche to really break out just yet. But here’s one group you may want to watch out for, it’s Vietnam’s idol sensation, POLARIS★!

They’ve actually been around since 2016, but the group is entirely new to me. As a matter of fact, the MV I came across that brought them to my attention came out in early May,  so while we’re a bit late for the party, at least we showed up before it was over! And appropriately enough, it’s a Covid 19 themed song. It makes sense though… if a stupid virus is going to come along and wreck everything, then at least try to have a little cheeky fun in some way with it. So let’s check out this catchy gem of a tune, “Corona Ahahahahaha”!!!!!!

You see what I mean, right?!? I don’t think I’ve been able to only watch this just once in a sitting. Each time I click this MV, I end viewing it three or for times. It’s just a totally um, contagious song, and the video is equally entertaining and fun to watch! If I were going to compare them to another group, I say this will be of special interest to you Banana Monkeys fans out there.

While POLARIS★ hails from Vietnam, they do actually do quite a bit of outreach in Japan and have played shows there as well as other places. They’re very much an international group that see the whole world in their potential fanbase, and I hope they can branch out even more.

If you visit the group’s website, you’ll see they have a bunch of social media outlets to check out , including of course twitter and a pretty active Youtube channel. They’ve also got individual social media accounts for all the members.

And going back to what I said at the beginning, I’m really quite intrigued about this notion of international fandom transforming into international groups. I don’t really think we’re going to see local chika idol groups with wota followings in Topeka or anything like that, but the idea of it is fun to ponder, (I do know of a  handful of small-scale idol groups in the USA too.) and I think wherever and whenever international idols, especially Homicidols adjacent idols come onto the scene, I hope that everyone gives them a fair shake. Who knows, maybe there’s an oshi in your hometown…..


4 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Idol Sensation POLARIS is Truly Truly Contagious!

  1. I feel like there’s a lot of mileage out of checking in on other countries’ idol scenes. Thailand’s got a surprisingly strong one I’ve noticed for instance. FEVER is maybe one of my favorite groups period, regardless of country, and there’s a lot of other strong or promising ones like AKIRA-KURØ, Tossagirls, D-CODE, After Sunset and Siam☆Dream.

    Hopefully this can become a kind of semi-regular piece.

    • Thanks for mentioning FEVER, I’m a little disappointed with myself for not including their name in the article because they’re a terrific group! I honestly don’t know the other names you threw out, but I will certainly seek them out too. Good commenting as always!

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