The New Planck Stars Pranksters

A returning founding member, a brand new member and a writer who is extremely pleased with their headline. PLANCK STARS have done it once again!

So what the hell have they done this time? Recently, Plasta finished their Hell Live series of lives with the goal of holding some lives… from hell. One of which involved releasing a bunch of crickets into their greased up, half naked audience.

But that’s old news. Recently, Rairai toasted marshmallows on the stage pyrotechnics at their latest show.


And immediately afterwards… they got new members! Well. An old member and a new member. You might recognise Ricca from Hikicomoteikoku but before that, she was one of the founding members of Planck Stars.

Shocking right? Consider our header image blocking her face out part of the surprise reveal and not something that also happens on their desktop Twitter page thanks to the header dimensions.

She parted on good terms, with her self produced group and nonprofit dedicated to providing resources to ex NEETs maintaining ties to Yabacube (Plasta’s agency) and with Hicomoteikoku about to enter an indefinite hiatus… she’s back! Even if you’ve gotten into the group recently, you’ve definitely heard her before. Her vocals are all over their first album.

Next up we have Uyu!

She has prior idol and maid cafe history and a scary amount of followers. She also only has three TikToks uploaded but they have tens of thousands of views each! Very confusing for the old folks running this site but we support her nonetheless.

If a returning founding member and TikTok microcelebrity aren’t enough to wet your whistle, listen to some previews from their upcoming album “BUTTER DOG SUMMIT!” They have songs themed after each of the countries they’ll visit on their world tour. We have American dad rock, Korean boy group pop and… the British song sounds like the Harry Potter overture. Still exciting! Planck Stars will be coming to your corner of the world soon, so just sit tight, follow them on Twitter to wait for updates and in the meantime, wake up in the morning and be greeted by a whole newsfeed of insanity thanks to timezone differences. You’ll be glad you did.

And hey, if you still don’t quite “get it”, we’ll have a small introduction to some of our favourite Planck Stars Prankster Moments™ coming very soon.