Reader’s Best: D4rkWzd and ckiemnstr345’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All time

Welcome to a new edition of Readers Best! This time we’ve paired up two very different chika idol connoisseurs with two very different lists. First we have D4rkWzd who gives us ten diverse tracks by ten different units, one of whom is so rarefied I’m just now hearing about them for the very first time. Then we have ckiemnstr345 who also gives us a nice mix of songs by PassCode and Niji no Conquistador. That’s right, a Top Ten list consisting of nothing but tracks by PassCode and Niji no Conquistador.

Our mantra for this whole exercise has been, “there are no wrong answers” when it comes to identifying all-time favorite songs, and ckiemnstr345 proves the point. I tend to fall on  the D4rkWzd side of the fence where there were, easily, 30 units vying for a slot in my top ten. On the other hand, can you imagine how nice life would be if, when considering the 2,000 or so idol units out there, you found that all of your listening needs were met by just two groups? I’m pretty jealous. If I only had to worry about following PassCode and Niji no Conquistador, I could throw The Weekender together in just about five minutes. Heaven!

So here we have it: multiplicity vs. specialization, but it’s all excellent stuff. Let’s go!

D4rkWzd and ckiemnstr345’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10. D4rkWzd: Satanic Punish – Heroine ≠ Heroin

Satanic Punish are so passionate about their music that I’d feel bad not including them here.

ckiemnstr345: PassCode – Freely


The song that showed that PassCode would be just fine with Emily Arima doing the harsh vocals.

9. D4rkWzd: Hikicomoteikoku – Astra

I don’t know how they managed to put so many talented people together to make their music – be it on vocals or composition- but they did.

ckiemnstr345: Niji no Conquistador – Chaos and Creation

Fast paced electronic song with a great synth/dance break in the middle.

8. D4rkWzd: WILL-O’ – POP’N

This is too fun to not include.

ckiemnstr345: PassCode – horoscope

Nice ballad with a ton of emotion. It also shows the vocal affects are just for style and not a crutch.

7. D4rkWzd: Minna no Kodomochan – Okitara Shindetai

Their music changed my life and this is my favorite of their early releases.

ckiemnstr345: Niji no Conquistador – Zutto Summer de Koishiteru

If one is to talk about Niji no Conquistador avoiding their summer singles is impossible. This is my favorite one.

6. D4rkWzd: NECRONOMIDOL – Keres Thanatoio

My favorite song by them, representing their whole discography. Their music is very important to me and needs to be here somehow.

ckiemnstr345: Niji no Conquistador – Honmei chocolatier

A hard rocking song with a lot of energy.

5. D4rkWzd: Yukueshirezutsurezure – Karmaloop

My favorite song by them. I just think it’s neat, especially because of Kokoko’s vocals.

ckiemnstr345: PassCode – Shedding Tears


Well balanced PassCode song with some great Yuna sections but Nao, Hinako, and Kaede still get to shine.

4. D4rkWzd: Little Emperor Syndrome – iDoL

This is a heartwarming song that sings about the relationship between fans and idols. The group kinda flopped and disbanded but their music is really good.

ckiemnstr345: Niji no Conquistador – LOVE men koi ajiya wa me

A funky track with some mellow vocals that shows Niji no Conquistador’s more mischievous side.

3. D4rkWzd: NEO JAPONISM – Lobotomy Land (Yunomi Remix)


They’re great, this song is also great, but Yunomi makes it perfect.

ckiemnstr345: PassCode – Taking you out

My introduction to Yuna Imada and alt idol.

2. D4rkWzd: There There Theres – Burnable Garbage

Sexy bass lines. Idol music needs more bass. Waiting for the first post punk group.

ckiemnstr345: Niji no Conquistador – Be Myself

Some great disco with a final minute by Riko Shimizu and Miyu Ootsuka that is just sublime.

1. D4rkWzd: Anthurium – Koiseyo! Parapara Hanchahan

Anthurium excels at making food-themed eurobeat-inspired music.

ckiemnstr345: PassCode – 4


The way that Koji Hirachi wrote the first 2:30 to lull you into a groove just to have Yuna Imada derail the entire thing is just musical perfection.