Your Homicidols Weekender #304

What a week! PLANCK STARS went viral on the Tik Toks, exposing pre-teens all over the world to their special brand of insanity. While this will have an unknown impact on  the turnout for their upcoming world tour, it did result in a positive uptick in our site traffic as Homicidols dot com is one of the few outlets on the planet with English language coverage of Hiroshima’s most perverse idol unit. Speaking of the Butter Dog Summit, we should probably drop a reminder that the date for LA did change. Here’s where things stand at the moment:

While Plasta may have grabbed all the headlines, this was amazing week for new releases from newbies and veterans alike.

In idol years, 2& is an elder. Regardless, she gets all our respect.

How about a seizure-inducing KAQRIYOTERROR MV?

Someone needs to write a piece about how 2022 is the Year of the Solo Projects (if only I knew a team of idol bloggers who could take on this assignment). So much good stuff is coming from idols-on-their-own. Case in point, Demado Namo from Poetreep gives us one of my favorite things this year (thanks for the heads up Ziensa).  It gives me Tsurezure vibes which is one of the highest compliments I can think of.

PLANCK STARS also dropped anew MV this week. The consensus on the Homicidols Discord server seems to be, “It sucks and I love it!”

Meet Gootcrew. They’re from Kobe and both the A and B-side of their new single is something special. Also, check our their album, ROAD TRIP, from earlier this year that we totally sat on.

Jonesin’ for some lo-fi idol rap? DOPPERIN is here to give you that fix.

This is the best release yet from Sui Sui.

Speaking of idols who are just killing it, in the past couple of weeks Quubi has gone from relative unknowns to one of the hottest units of the year. They dropped their second MV in two weeks to support the release of their debut album .

The new ukka is pretty groovy.

Here’s a sweet end-of-summer song by Amemoyou no Solaris (aka Solaris in the Rain).

Things improve once you let yumegiwa last girl into your life.

The venerable 3776 gives us outdoors PV as she is wont to do.

We got a whole bunch of entries from the crew over on the Homicidols Discord server.

From “Crazy” Mike: I don’t think we’ve covered THE+BETH on here before, but if this is any indication, we will see them again.

From ckiemster345: Here’s a tune from Nagi Nemoto (Niji no Conquistador and

From Carrythezero: Another Homicidols debut? Meet My Criminal Lovers’.

Oshiloss Corner

HO6LA has dis6anded.

They also dropped their final album.

DEARDEVIL will be disbanding in late November.

Oshifound Corner

Kai Marino and Tsukihi, two newly-former members of RAY, will be joining forces to create a new unit. 

Kanamepi (ex-Shingeki)has resurfaced as a model at Tokyo Game Show for Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin.

Have a Good Weekend!