Reader’s Best: 2187Coconut Greg’s Top Ten Favorite (mostly) Idol Songs of All Time

While you were all playing Janken Pon! with idols, we passed the halfway point in our Readers Best series. Today we feature 2187Coconut Greg’s top ten list. While everyone’s picks have proven to be unique so far, today’s goes a bit farther afield than usual. It’s my own damn fault for insisting that there were no wrong answers to this exercise which resulted in this collection of songs from, not just idols, but idol-adjacent acts, friends of idols, and the solo project of the original lead singer for Aldious. 

Still, it’s all good, and I mean that in the literal sense: there are no bad songs on Greg’s list. Let’s crack this coconut!

2187Coconut Greg’s 10 Favorite (mostly) Idol Songs


The speed metal vibes from the get go is what absolutely grabbed me, combined with the higher vocals that bring out a new sort of feeling of power to darkness. Overall it was a struggle to represent a bottom three that kept within the bounds of Idol.


Easy listening from the low tone sounds throughout the entire track, it keeps me hooked every time with its trance feel that makes me want to experience this on repeat. Not to mention the vocals always feel in place and in tune with the music to keep it interesting despite the fact that most of what is said is “Tie me up” and “Mo strain”.

The Heana Cat – Natsukoi Hamaruya

I can’t ever forget the video. The music and vocals are so well performed and provide that alt idol feel of something that is fake and not what it seems. The videos they have uploaded also reflect this with MV being very creepy and culty to contrast with the upbeat tones and light dance videos they have.

Gacharic Spin – Koeteyuke

Originally finding Gacharic spin at the time they had recently uploaded the “Mindset” MV, I had wanted to find more. Seeing their live performances and the crazy style that provides so much energy, however Gold Dash is an album I found myself listening to a lot while going from place to place. And “Koeteyuke” stuck out the most to me as a song that truly just sold effort and passion from the girls to me and that is always what I want.

RAY – 17

From the very surreal sounds that take me away from whatever I am doing, it is such a relaxing song that invites me to think upon what I need to do or where I’m headed next. The vocals also improve this by being so inviting on top of the tripped out track that just adds extra to the feel of any RAY album that soothes me with that inspired piece.

Die Milch – Rosaria

The start of the song is so gothic that it is always a great lead into the rest. The slight pause into the violin playing and that hard riff over top really makes me feel the song every time I listen to it. Not to mention Coco’s vocals are always on par and I don’t think I can ever be disappointed by the way she sings. The lifting tone before the chorus just makes me feel the song so hard. I get a chill up my spine every time without fail and the digital sounds that provide a contrast that almost gives it a dystopian sort of vibe until it whips you back in with a violin solo.


The five ladies on the Cultural Mixture album always provide such a great blend of voices and vulgar tones, not to forget the electronic mix behind it all. The voices of KAQRIYOTERROR never disappoint even if there is weird creepy breathing during “Hybrid Taboo”, they always seem to pull it off in such a surreal way that makes me not want to question what they are singing about. With the new direction they’re headed in, I wish the girls all the luck and hope that they don’t follow the strange LADYBABY collapse.

Broken By The Scream – Nanairo Scramble

Screaming is not something I thought I would hear coming into idol, however the blend that Broken By the Scream gives truly earns its place. The metal/electronic fusion in this song holds so well with the vocals that give the songs sections rather than repeating the same minute three times, as in you can recognise the differences near the end as compared to a minute in. This song is my favourite of theirs for this reason and is earning its number three spot.


After the release of VOIDHYMN, this song takes the metal feel from that and adds the admirable vocals from Nemesis and makes my dream NECRONOMIDOL song. The clear vocals that are in majority English for once provide the horror alt-idol that they are known for. However like sirens their voices steal the show and my heart making me want to listen to more. The track enhances the emphasis on the lyrics and power of the vocals to truly let the girls take the show away for themselves. Wishing the best to their next venture and hope that they come to Australia one day.

BABYMETAL – Tales of The Destinies

Always thinking it was Two Destinies, I wasn’t too far off. I owe my idol love to YUIMETAL, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL for their efforts, voices and performances over the years. For sticking with BABYMETAL for the past four years it’s been a long road and “Tales of The Destinies” expresses this feeling more than any other song of theirs. The words escape me to describe the efforts from the girls and the Kami Band that bring together such an experimental masterpiece that can capture my soul. For the higher encouragement that’s given by the vocals and the absolute victory feel of the sound gets me going every time I hear this. Not to mention that the track calms itself down at the end to prepare yourself for “THE ONE”, it is such a message of selflessness that I see in BABYMETAL that will make me cry when it inevitably ends. This song just makes me feel that BABYMETAL is THE ONE and somewhat like Queen, there may be someone ready to replace them but they will never truly be replaced. My heart goes out to all the girls, even the backup dancer for BUDOKAN, the Kami Band and the endless fans across the world, especially those which create a constant moving circle. Special thanks to Daemon for encouraging me to think of my top picks and why, even if they do suck, but when don’t they 🙂