This Monday Match Game Will Make You Feel Better

Happy Monday, you goofs! As a brief programming note before we dive into the goods, this will be the last Monday Match Game for a little while; I’ll be publishing a Corenament primer later in the week, and then next week will kick us off to get our final field set. SO EXCITING!

The last Monday Match Game pitted the darkness idols, NECRONOMIDOL, against The Cult in a bid to determine who whose kvlt was more trve, and Necroma smashed those swag rock pretenders on their way to a sickeningly good album release and MV, plus the delirious fun that was #Deathless4Necroma.

This week, it’s not about kvlt, but about cures; specifically, what’ll cure what ails you? Is it pants-soilingly intense idols or innovative alt-rock legends? Tiny doll-like girls bellowing hateful lyrics or bad-haired English men singing about how they hate themselves? Yes, friends, neither of these things should have much association with actual cures, but both can be palliative and soothing in their own way.

The trick is, depending on where you are right now — happy, sad, hopeful, heartbroken — which Cure is going to make it all better?

2 thoughts on “This Monday Match Game Will Make You Feel Better

  1. She walked out of her house and looked around at all the gardens that stared back at her house like all the faces that quiz when you smile and he was standing at the corner where the road turned dark a part of shiny wet like blood the rain fell black down on the street and kissed her feet she fell her head an inch away from heaven and her face pressed tight and all around the night sang out like cockatoos.

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