Check out This Band Covering NSLE’s ‘A Drama with Nietzsche’

We’re pretty used to idols covering bands at this point, but what about when bands cover idols? Norem shared this video in the Idolmetal group yesterday …

… and not only is it pretty good, but it got the ol’ Maniac wheels turning anew.

See, this is the exact song that first got me to think that Tsurezure had as good a chance as anybody of getting through what we might call the Babymetal Breach — the idea of idols doing heavy music had planted in the Western consciousness, but it’s been a couple of years since the big breakthrough began, and nobody’s even made a particularly strong effort to take advantage*. But songs like this are the kind that can speak to the more open-minded rock audience, and their being covered by rock bands is a good example of that.

And I think it’s essential that things like this happen. It’s like the covers that fans do; we lend important validity to other peoples’ enjoyment of the music (humans being terribly tribal-oriented creatures who love a good bandwagon no matter how much we pretend that doing so is lame). This is why I like to encourage fan art and cover versions — those are the kinds of things that show other people that getting into idols is perfectly fine and good. If you like it, do it.

Anyway, I’d like to find more videos and tracks like this, and I’d like to have another go at a community creative project (maybe bring back that band idea that the person had and then abandoned but a few folks responded well to). It’s good that these things happen.

*Yeah, BAND-MAID, who are not idols, are doing good work right now; ,made a little bit of effort, but that’s about it as far as idols go.

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