So What Exactly Is This Thing That BiSH Is Doing?

I feel like I skip over a lot of the more random BiSH news because there’s so much of it and most of it pertains to performances and fan club stuff and basically a whole bunch of things that we’re not going to experience, and they don’t seem relevant to the BiSH story, so I just leave it alone; let these guys worry about that stuff, and you’ll find it if you’re interested.

This MONSTER biSH business, though?

I very truly want to know what this is about. The article doesn’t clear it up very much for me (machine translation and all). Like, I get that there’s a MONSTER baSH, which I get is unfortunately not a monster truck rally; so is this some kind of BiSH music festival thing? THE TIMING SEEMS ODD GIVEN THAT WHOLE WACK AUDITION THING!

Anyway, little help? And not just for me, natch, but for other folks who’d really like to know?

“Promise the Star” is Friday. Hurry please.

5 thoughts on “So What Exactly Is This Thing That BiSH Is Doing?

    • I agree with Ling Ling v Godzilla (maybe if Godzilla vs King Kong does well enough that can be sequel), but in an every Idol for herself cage match I’m taking Kika. She smoked every other member of BiS in the 100k and afterwards was acting like it was a Sunday morning stroll.

  1. I have no input here except to say I want Aina to do a collabo with Sakura Gakuin at the next Tokyo Idol Festival. Call me crazy. You’ll love it though.

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