So Good, It’s the name TWICE

I was killing myself to do a proper pun for the title, but failed

Anyway! This is another good Sunday entry, a sweet little alt-something number with this hint of rock sound behind it that makes me think that the name TWICE (Twitter) is actually going to be a unit to keep an eye on.

“jellyfish”! Wonderful. They’re sweet, a little in the Oyasumi Hologram tradition. And new! Like, joined-Twitter-in-December new. And just introduced a new member, basically with the release of this video.

Happy-ass Sunday.

2 thoughts on “So Good, It’s the name TWICE

  1. It’s a nice sing-songy kind of tune, feels sort of like a Spring afternoon driving song. I like it…

    There also happens to be a Kpop group called “TWICE”, so maybe we can whip up a good ol’ Jpop vs. Kpop feud!! 😀 But Kpop TWICE is a pretty mainstream group so we’d be outnumbered thousands to one….

  2. I’m liking it! Your mention of Oyasumi Hologram is spot on! I get that feeling too. The producer guy behind Oyasumi said something once that he “makes music performed by idols, not idol music”. It is a good philosophy. When there are so many new idol groups every day you have to be different.

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