We’ll Never Run out of Debuts: Meet Alice Liddell

I sometimes wonder if there isn’t a lab somewhere in Tokyo, perhaps in Shinjuku, deep underground, where the mad scientist from the IDOL is DEAD film has a team of half-zombified songwriters chained to an old refrigerator while they crank out idol debut songs by the bushel; if you can come up with a better explanation for idometal, I’d love to hear it.

Anyway, because your friend and mine Pure Idol Heart always seems to know about these things on idol’s rough edges, here’s the brand-new Alice Liddell (Twitter) and the MV for their debut single:

I don’t know if you were ever privy to old-timer Jaxson’s explanation for the “Alice” thing in idol, but it hinges on a fascination with the Alice, the one who went to Wonderland and had adventures and probably lots of drugs. This is like that! It’s in the look, the fantasy RPG sound, even the “WONDER UNDER” song title. Or, in the fact that their official account (and possibly manager) is going with “lapin” as a name; that is, “rabbit.”

I don’t even know what to compare this to. VK-by-way-of-Lyric-Holic-meets-Phantom-Voice? Low-key-animetal-plus-too-much-synths? Idol, man.

This is apparently the B-version A-side of their debut single, too, so maybe we’ll get another video clip for “midnight party.”

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