I Felt Like PiGU This Morning, So Here You Go

The presence of the WTF every Tuesday has led to a bit of mid-early-week malaise on ol’ Maniac’s part, gang, and I felt like I could use something of a pick-me-up anyway, and do you know what tends to do the job? Well-composed idol pop punk!

And may the gods bless this YouTuber, too, for always recording PiGU lives and always uploading them in a heartbeat

I am somewhat better now!

Reminder: Rino’s only with the group for a few more weeks, and then goodness knows what comes after for PiGU. I have to think that they’ll have another release out relatively soon, not to mention new member/s to show off.

3 thoughts on “I Felt Like PiGU This Morning, So Here You Go

  1. You knew this would bring me here like a fly to shhh, I mean a wasp to a jam tart. So here’s a short PiGU round-up.

    They continue work on their album which was supposed to come out in New Year and then February but I’m sure will be great when it does surface. It’s a got a few old favourites on it, possibly reworked a bit.

    I see something about a sister group coming soon.

    And they seem to be involved in Tokyo Candoll, but no-one good ever wins that.

    This is Chris, PiGU correspondent and now back to Maniac in the studio.

    • This is excellent info! I did see something about Candoll in their feed and keep meaning to hunt down this year’s roster of competitors, but ~lazy~. We’ll get to it (and hope that PiGU gets a fair shake), though you’re right about the winner situation.

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