This Iketeru Hearts Video Is Twisted and Violent and I Love It

I love how you guys always have good referrals. It makes me feel like this whole business was a good idea — you share, I share, people see and share, and we wind up with things like Not Secured, Loose Ends adopting an English name and starting and international fan club and scheduling tour dates very, very far from Japan. When that happens, everybody wins!

Case in point:

Now, I know Chris; we share a mutual love for PiGU. I have no reason to disbelieve this man. And yet … the still on that video, that’s pretty kawaiidol, you know? And though I’d heard of Iketeru Hearts in the past, I don’t recall having ever thought that I should be including them here (be quiet about WA-SUTA and stuff, all right?).


You may need to use a proxy to view this thing, and I do mean view, because the song is fine, it’s idol, it does idol things, but … look, I won’t try to sway you.

Unreal. No, I was not expecting that. Yes, I am interested in what else they’re selling, as long as it’s bloody and possibly involves human sacrifice. I guess this whole #Deathless4Necroma business got a little viral!

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