Q’ulle’s Got a Preview out for Their Major Debut Single

After getting a teaser out of idol’s Van Halen the other day, it’s now the turn of idol’s Bon Jovi to rev us up a little:

Of course, Q’ulle, now being on an Avex imprint, will make it extremely difficult to acquire this single when it drops, which is a shame, because you can pretty much guarantee that “DON’T STOP” is a fun song, but the B-side will be either gorgeous, dancehall power pop or something hard enough to shake your teeth.

The full video’s coming in just a few days, which is lovely, because I never feel like I give Q’ulle enough time or space, and they’ve been incredibly prolific without having ever had a real miss. They’re also cool as hell and have their own fashion line; the last thing they need is a bunch of goofy gaijin telling them how cool they are, but facts is facts.

9 thoughts on “Q’ulle’s Got a Preview out for Their Major Debut Single

  1. Yeah fun facts- BiSH, Q’ulle and now The World Standard are on the no ship to US list for Amazon- I did manage to order this through cdJapan but they proxied it from somewhere else- (I’m more curious about the VR content than the song)

  2. I dont get it either- I do know that I hate (yes HATE) CDJapan. 10-15% more expensive and they take forever to ship. WA-SUTA new single and BD released 2/22 im still waiting for them to ship 🙁

  3. I still don’t get this, as far as I know the “export ban” is supposed to be anime only, music is not supposed to be affected by it. Must be a mixup at amazon.

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