Your Homicidols Weekender #7

I thought this would be a light week! Jeez Louise …

First, a short programming note: Have I ever mentioned the most important music blog in the history of music blogs? No, silly, not, and not even any of our good friends with the links over there on the right and down a bit (stop scrolling, come back); naturally, I speak of Crust with Strings, which is exactly what it sounds like and yes, the music is exactly what it sounds like and extremely international. If you like your punk crusty or even hardcore or even not really punk anymore, but thrash and black metal and the like, then you need to take a trip over there. AFTER you finish the Weekender, you guys! FFS.

Following up on the biggest shitshow in history, Kuromiya Rei and her band BRATS have release this PV for their song “AINIKOIYO,” which is the theme to the show “TO BE HERO,” which, to close an even weirder loop, has among its voice talent Armor Girl Tsukino Moa, too.

It’s a shame that they have Rei singing like such a cartoon character in Ladybaby; she’s got good power in that voice of hers.

Yura from Guso Drop is one of those idols who you kind of can’t help but like. How she’s advertising her birthday live is a good example of why:

You may have seen it already, but there’s this idol+rap compilation coming out soon (TY Kerrie), with the likes of Pikarin and Younapi and whatnot, including Rinne of whatever the hell she feels like doing, up to and including NATASHA. Here’s the preview of her contribution:

And here’s Pikarin:

My goodness …

E TICKET RAP SHOW will be out on Jan. 10. Here’s the rest of the preview:

Did you happen to catch PassCode’s awe-inspiring Facebook post from the MISS UNLIMITED tour final?

The World Standard, Wa-Suta, has another release. After some speculation as to whether they might be going in a harder, rock-oriented direction after Surprise of the Year nominee “The Perfect Idol,” I think it’s safe to say that it was merely dabbling. Kimi Kame with the goods:

It didn’t take long for Rinahamu to push out a pre-release for her CY8ER project, the official carry-over from BPM15Q, now being done without her longtime partner, the recently retired Nicamoq:

Remember the BiS Audition Boot Camp from Hell? Did you know that one of the participants who didn’t pass is the leader of a BiS cover group called BiSS? And if you did know that, did you know that they did a set with Hijokaidan on the 25th? Our man @the59thsecond provides:

Things have been kind of quiet on the DEEP GIRL front lately, so here’s Kanon doing a thing:

Koutei Camera Girl Zwei is dead, but their sister unit Koutei Camera Gal is going strong enough to have dropped this very nice little number on Soundcloud the other day:

Happy a happy new year!

The comments on this video are definitely worth the price of admission

13 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #7

  1. Some new BRATS, yay! More, please.
    BiSS seems more BiSH than BiS, IMHO. On another note, I’m waiting for BiSSH to emerge at some point in time.
    PassCode. What a great year they’ve had.

  2. A friend sent me this:
    Apparently that is the Digimon theme song mashed up with the Karate riff performed on a Chinese talent show complete with gothic costumes and dancers?

    And that same talent show also had a cover of the Nightwish version of Phantom of the Opera?

    What is going on in China? Didn’t Ladybeard do a collab with a Chinese idol group recently?

    • Goddamn, that Digimon cover is out of control. I just finished listening to it twice! Maybe that’s China’s next move — now that their soccer league is buying up a bunch of international talent, they’ll get into idols and sick musical mashups just as a point of pride.

      The Beard, this is his appearance with ATF:

      I’m not a big fan of C-pop normally, but they do some things here that I wish Ladybaby had tried when he was still with the group.

  3. I’ve been stumble-running to the finish line of 2016 for the past couple of months, so I’m behind one everything I want to read and watch. Have you seen the ridiculous amount of stuff that’s been posted on JapanCorner’s youtube channel this month? A new IDOL 2.0 “Underground Idol Domination” instalment that weighs in at almost 3.5 hours, and a new Female-Fronted Underground Nippon feature that’s over an hour long, plus tons of concert clips? Including lots from their pals in Screaming Sixties?
    You probably have… I’ve been trying to sleep off 2016 for the past week 😛

    • I actually have not! Well, partially true: I still see notifications in email, but I stopped messing with that dude’s stuff a while ago. I’ll tell you all about it if you’re interested, but it’s a Reasons thing, not a personal one, and I haven’t really talked about it since it happened because I don’t want it to become more of a thing.

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