Gomochi’s Goodbye and a New Start for Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

The final nail in The Great Zenkimi Scandal of 2016 was hammered in a few hours ago tonight (ha) at Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s year-ending one-man at LIQUID. Any hope for a respite for idol’s tiny, tiny blue angel were dashed, but Zenkimi’s shape of things to come is an attractive one, anyway.

First, Gomochi. Yes: Gone.

I can see Mashiro’s teeth. Is that a smile? She still feels human emotions? Unreal.

Second, next steps. Yes: Of course there are some. Our benefactor was in attendance and messaged over the basic details.

There’s going to be a new single, as yet untitled (but they stuck with “Untitled Choir” the whole way, so goodness knows what’s up), in February. There’s going to be a tour, a 3x3x3-way of three total months touring Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya (idol’s holy trinity) with one show per one week per city per month (and a monthly Sabbath week left over) — it’s convoluted, but it fits their style. And in addition to Megumi’s birthday live in a couple of weeks, there’s going to be a new one-man on Jan. 9 …

Look, our friend mentioned nothing about new members, and the Natalie story (which you should go look at for the photos if nothing else) translates in such a way that it could be talking about a debut one-man for Toga Ren or a debut one-man for another member/s entirely, and I’m not nearly learned enough to discern the difference. I’m just reporting (ha) what I know!

Anyway, now that all of the kerfuffle can be put to bed until the next time something kerfuffles, and maybe 2017 will be the Year of Yami-Kawaii after all.