Let’s Prep for the End of 2016 with a Whole Shitload of New STARMARIE

STARMARIE! One of my favorite personally new idols of 2016, always a good time to visit with, dropped a butt-ton of video and music over the last couple of weeks. With their cool esoterica theme and totally unique style, I can think of no better way for us to get ginned up for the bitter end of this brutal, exciting year.

First, live PVs. Like, actual PVs and not the stuff to follow. Feast on this jazz:

“Nameless Star of My Home”


Portrait of a Beautiful Leona

Nice! They also just dropped this preview, “Hoshinotereka,” on Soundcloud:

The lyrics are here, too. That was thoughtful of them!

These live video compilations, though, are something else.

For one thing, they’re both 4:44, which any Babymetal fan will tell you is idol’s unofficial 666 (except when they adopt 666 like Bokura no Oyugi or [why?] PiGU). It’s a dark side/light side dichotomy, and they’re both a good time.

And not even to promote a DVD! Just “go see STARMARIE, here’s our tour info.” Wonderful. I’d now officially consider any trip to Japan incomplete without seeing their very impressive stage show.

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