Damn, Yumemiru Adolescence Got a Little Heavy out There

Never let it be said that Homicidols.com is not an equal opportunity celebrator of pertinent idol things. This is, after all, a music website with particular favor for the hard side of idol. Yes, that usually means particular groups and solo performers within certain milieus; sometimes, though, it means otherwise “normal” idols rushing headlong into the world of distorted guitars and double kick pedals.

And here we go, thanks to our friend Viz Major, with a nice little corker out of the I-bet-we-never-speak-of-them-again Yumemiru Adolescence (Twitter):

夢みるアドレセンス / Yumemiru Adolescence『アイドルレース』(Idol… by idolvizion
The headbanging tutorial is worth the price of admission

I always get a kick out of this stuff. I mean, yeah, we deal with heavier all the time; we also deal with not heavier all the time, too, and sometimes just for giggles (not even shits!). This is different, but it passes the sniff test and maybe you’ll find that you can’t get that hook out of your head, either, and you show this to some friends and the next thing you know there’s a big package from CD Japan on your doorstep right next to the eviction notice because you haven’t paid rent in five months but you sure as hell have an idol shrine to envy any outside of Japan.


7 thoughts on “Damn, Yumemiru Adolescence Got a Little Heavy out There

      • Yumeado was built on the thought “is cute enough” it was a direct shot at the 48 groups. They rebel against trends- The Kurachu Summer MV was my personal favorite, that whole summer video/bikini thing was getting ridiculous. Any hoot, if you watch the Otona Yarasete yo MV, you can see them mock the whole “BiS/BiSH” video trend of making like breaking stuff and being a lesbian is cool. They are not mean about it of course, its friendly. And if you think my BRGH collection is impressive, you should see my Yumeado shrine- I think i forgot to pay my rent a few times with that 🙂

          • You are forgiven. I use the same 10 adjectives 500 times per day, so nbd.

            And thank you for the clarification! I’d say that anything self-serious enough to be parodied deserves it, and should then have enough sense to see the truth in the parody and get a chuckle out of it. The only exception goes to edgelords, who should mostly just be fired into the sun.

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