Can Kamen Joshi Do It Again?

First picked up here, and it’s official — the Mask Girls are releasing another single:


More details here on the Alice Project website: On January 3, Kamen Joshi will be going after their second consecutive #1 Oricon single, “Genkidane” being the first time indie women topped that chart.

True story: Like half of those women left the Alice Project within about three months of this being released

Yes, I’m interested in the song, obviously — I like a good bit of the Alice Project output, batshit as it is — but I’m even more interested in seeing if they can reach #1 again, and what strategies they’ll employ to do it.

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  1. Yes, I posted that in the Idolmetal Facebook. They still have songs in the stables that have been unreleased (pressed & digitally) from earlier this year that they can use as c/w songs with the new single and release multiple versions of the single so fans can buy them all up and get newish material on each version of the single like they did with Genkidane, and I am sure they will be doing that, along with a new PV & tons of promotion!

  2. @Site Host

    Regarding your interest in their upcoming marketing strategy, most of the groundwork has been laid with most of their work thus far this year.

    With their persistent overall marketing approach, not alot of promotion will be needed, other than just getting the word out.

    Of the 11 songs produced so far this year, only 4 have been “just songs”, the other 7 have all been associated with games, anime, tv shows, etc. All designed to reach beyond the typical music audience.

    However, their are 2 events in December that may give them an xtra push. The first being a 2-man live at Zepp Diver City with the gravure/AV idol group “Ebisu Muscats”. There are a couple of 30 min. vids laying out the premise. Stunty, but entertainment gold if your a WWE type fan.I’ve been meaning to post in the forum as “Idol Fight Club”.

    The second event is the roster announcement for the New Years Eve show, “Kohaku Uta Gassen”. The link will explain exactly what this is,

    One of their stated goals for the year, is to appear on the broadcast, seen worldwide on NHK. One of their collaborations this year was with Mikawa Kenichi, a regular on the broadcast. We’re quite certain this alliance was specifically intended to have an insider, so to speak, on their side. Kenichi seemed to have been quite taken with their gimmick and stated he would love to see them become more widely accepted. If this pans out, another #1 would be in the bag.

  3. Thank you for all of that extra intel AshleyXXX . Wonderful!! =) Although I am not a fan of the “fight club” activities they have done with Ebisu Muscats, (although if that Zepp Diver City show gets a DVD that would be cool) the rest of the “set” promotion should be enough to really blast this new single into the stratosphere!!

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