Come Get an Early Listen to Kamen Joshi’s New Single

Even though we had fair warning a while back, I’ll admit to damn near forgetting that this release was coming. Leave it to Corenament MVP Char T Saki to have eyes on the ball:

So that’s what they’ve been doing with all the stuff that Armor Girls should be doing!

The question before was whether Kamen Joshi could match the success of “Genkidane” from 2015. That standard is “reach #1 on Oricon.” I won’t say that it can’t be done (who all else is releasing at the same time matters, obviously), and I’m not even going to pass any kind of judgment on the song itself (it sounds like a Kamen Joshi song!). Just: Is the magic there? And is it possible that it’d flop? I ordinarily wouldn’t want to ask those kind of questions because so many factors play into how well a particular release sells, but I think it pertains if you’re doing #1 singles and shows at SSA and the like.

The thing will be available on Tuesday, and we’ll see pretty shortly just how well it does.

12 thoughts on “Come Get an Early Listen to Kamen Joshi’s New Single

  1. Since you won’t say it i will:
    It’s a bad song and if it has any notable chart success it will be because of some loophole, just like last time.

  2. I will never understand the detest by visitors on this site for Kamen Joshi, nor will I feed the trolls. IMHO this song is excellent and I am hoping for another#1!!

    • Do you follow them closely? I find the ways that managers conduct their business to be fascinating (so like a push for Oricon ranks) and would love to hear from someone who knows how Alice Project people handle marketing and whatnot.

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  5. Kamen Joshi’s greatest strength is definitely in the spectacle of their lives. I’m sure their fanbase will be delighted with this release. Signature KJ.

    I would hate Idol if everyone agreed on “what was good”. If YOU like it, it IS good.

    • I don’t think I can agree with that point more. Yeah, there’s stuff in this world that’s objectively bad — The Shaggs, Tommy Wiseau movies — but beauty ultimately is in the eye of the beholder. Just look around our own commentariat, with plenty of dissenting views about things that tend to be roundly celebrated as great.

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