BiS Is Kicking off the New Year with a New Song

What a lovely surprise for Saturday morning! Though the track had existed on Soundcloud for a little while, BiS waited until 2017 had officially begun in Japan to drop another free song+download on us, this one “SAY YES,” presumably from the upcoming RE:STUPiD:

You can download that sucker here or from Amazon (as a pre-order for the album, I think) or even just straight off of Soundcloud.

You know, despite being in the NOFX-derived style of punk rock*, I kind of dig it. And if that’s the baseline for RE:STUPiD, I bet we have reason to expect good things out of that one.

*I like NOFX just fine. It’s a lot of the bands that desperately want to be NOFX and drag us all down with them that I dislike.

Also, if you let that play, Soundcloud is likely to next give you “Not Special,” which in retrospect is actually pretty bitchin’. Maybe BiS2 will be better remembered in retrospect.

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