This Friday’s Activity Is Good, Wholesome Family Fun

Hey gang,

Our pal the @weeaboowitch has had her hands full with a bunch of art requests (bless her heart), and I’ve been under the weather and unfocused for the last few days, so while we really wanted to do a Photoshop contest involving Hanako-san that’d be just perfect for the weekend of Christmas and Hanukkah, the reality of the situation is that nobody has the wherewithal to try to put that together. Maybe another time!

Instead, Kerrie has delivered on a fun, seasonally appropriate way to bring idols into your festivities without needing to go to Japan or sacrifice any of your hard-earned merch.

Check this out:

Heart-shaped Christmas ornament of Guso Drop's Saki behind a fence where she belongs

That’s Saki, soon-to-be-former center of Guso Drop and all-around idolcore darling. As you may recollect from the shape and disposition of the artwork, Kerrie has turned her into a holiday ornament. This can only end one way:

With lots and lots of idol ornaments!

Here are one, two sheets of heart-shaped homicidols ready to be printed out and turned into ornaments for your interior holiday greenery of choice. Don’t do greenery? Use ’em as appliques for your baked goods! Don’t do baked goods? Make novelty jewelry! Don’t do anything even remotely fun because the only holiday your culture celebrates at this time of year is 100th Consecutive Day of Work, which is always celebrated by going to work for at least 10 hours? Download ’em and print ’em out anyway because you’re bound to have a use for ’em at some point!

Remember #KikavCoco? There’s even a special edition set of prints, one and two, for that!


Have a blast! If you’re able to incorporate these into your decorating, please do snap a photo and share! If you’re on Twitter, use the #HomicidolHoliday hashtag and prepare for lots of questions from your friends as to just what they hell you’re doing.

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