Babymetal Is Going to Perform with Rob Halford and There Are No Words

It’s real. Babymetal and Rob Halford are going to perform together.

Remember when I was saying that thing about how idols who do metal and also have an eye outside of Japan have “go full metal” as their only option to succeed? I didn’t mean quite this far. This is kind of massive. Almost regardless of how you feel about Judas Priest, you have to respect Rob Halford. Like, DragonForce at Download and the Golden Gods was neat, but … you’d basically have to resurrect Prince and have them all collaborate on a funky version of “Ganbare!!” to top this. Or, how I really feel:

UPDATE: @hiro_kazu_sato has been more than up to this challenge:

Nobody loves Babymetal more than that guy.


And this is giving me a fantastic idea for another game/s, one/s with actual prizes. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Babymetal Is Going to Perform with Rob Halford and There Are No Words

  1. Prince and Ganbare… that’d be nice.
    If you want the funk version of Rob Halford you go to George Clinton.
    Now /HIS/ version of Ganbare would be out of this world.

    My girls and Rob Halford on the same stage… still no words. So awesome I can’t think.

      • Let me guess: they would have more lotteries just like with Babymetal’s Tokyo Dome ? 😉 So maybe none for now ?

        Had a look at the ‘go full metal’ article, ( sorry I don’t visit your site more often. I think it’s interesting what you are doing, but I’m just not into idols ) I believe one part that you didn’t touch on is what Babymetal has in metal, pretty much no other metal band, maybe none: they are not pigeon holed in one subgenre of metal. They aren’t even completely pigeon holed into metal. They are going to be a metal band that spans as many subgenres they can handle and take elements from other genres whenever they want. Maybe the concern should be: that they shouldn’t cast the net to wide ? So far they seem to be doing fine. Making songs that can stand on their own. Not really making albums as much as just crafting the Babymetal style.

        An other thing I think about, without being a fan and without really knowing a lot about them, is trying to look at Perfume as an example/model for Babymetal (anything else ?). I mean that is one of the things Koba had in mind. A sequel to Perfume. Maybe he thought they were 2 separate ideas (Perfume sequel or cute-metal) of a whole bunch of ideas he had. Turns out they are not, they do have a whole bunch of similarities with Perfume. And Perfume aren’t an Idol group any more, so this seems like the natural progression for Babymetal too. After all they don’t do Idol Metal, they do Kawaii metal. Not sure if they really are or will be new genre, but they are sort of in their own corner doing whatever the hell they want it seems to me.

        • If they will be a new genre (even though in their own mythology they of course already are) depends on how many groups will be following in their steps and if there will be a different enough sound (distinctly different from the genres they’re cherrypicking for each song) that develops out of their (and their followers’) music.
          Only time can tell.

          It would be fun if this wave will indeed coalesce into something with staying power.

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