PassCode Fan Club Members, This Video’s for You

Literally! Unless you’re a member of Linkage, you’ll have to wait for an actual member of Linkage to rip and secretly upload this behind-the-scenes video from the making of the “Ninja Bomber” MV.

How many reaction takes does it take to really capture PassCode‘s personality? How many food items does Kaede try to eat from the Japanese version of the deli tray? Do they have to adjust cameras to account for Yuna’s height? Send PassCode money that proves how much you love them, and you too could find out!

One thought on “PassCode Fan Club Members, This Video’s for You

  1. Man, I tried to join Linkage a few times now, and every time I get a notification that says that my account is waiting on the webmaster to approve it…If anyone on here has successfully registered to Linkage, can you let me know how you did it? m(_ _)m

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