The Terror Clowns Are Closing in on 666 and Need Your Help

I don’t ordinarily get too much behind idol promotional gimmicks for the simple reason that they’re usually kind of dumb, but I’m completely behind Bokura no Oyugi’s attempt to get to 666 Twitter followers for each member.

Mickey just crossed the 100-to-go barrier; this is how she’s celebrating:

If you’re completely unfamiliar with the twisted demon clowns of Bokura no Oyugi, here’s their demo track via the very sad Ruru:

And more is on the way! What better way to announce that than to Photoshop your members’ heads onto the bodies of maid cafe workers?

I love them so much. If you’re as curious as to what comes next as I am, follow them:


UPDATE: OH MY DOG THEY’RE AMIE! Look at their Twitter feed if you don’t believe me! How did that happen? “Well, the neo-traditional thing was fun, but you know what’s funner? Being Pennywise’s wise-cracking all-female Batman gang.”

I feel like the whole world’s coming apart.

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