The Surge of Fear You Felt Was This Pre-release from Necronomidol

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s a pretty nice day here at Maniac Mansion. Then the skies darkened and the lights flickered and the frozen fingers of the dead seized my heart: Necronomidol has put out tracks and art from their upcoming EP, From Chaos Born.

Cover of Japanese black metal idol dark wave group Necromidol's EP "From Chaos Born"
If you click on the image, you can listen to the songs!

There are three songs: “psychopomp” (which, if you’re at all familiar with esoterica, come on) recalls that creepy black-metal-in-a-music-box thing that may as well be the group’s signature at this point; “Shimin Kaihougun” is another call back to NWOBHM with some cool power metal moments; “Taman Shud” sounds like a really fun dance party — like the one where that guy ate all the bad acid and tore off half of his face because he thought it was full of spiders — and is actually about a mysterious death and a reference to medieval Persian poetry, so. Necronomidol, everybody!

I like how the girl in the cover art inexplicably holding unspeakable evils at bay looks like a composite of Necroma’s members. I also like how the expression on her face says “Oh, there you are; I’ll just go ahead an unleash these upon your world now!”

I really do love you, Necroma.

Just … who thought it’d be a good idea to give them fucking guns?

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