Sure, Satan Clown, Whatever You Say

And just when you thought that things could be a little bit not-disturbing:

Say hello to Syuku, one of the twisted clown members of Bokura no Oyugi. If you are unfamiliar, this is what they sound like:

According to this, if she achieves 666 followers (OF COURSE), she’ll do a Twitcast. Goodie! I can only imagine that such a show would involve animal sacrifice (red face paint is expensive) and/or skull juggling.

Surprisingly, Syuku is not the Bokurano member depicted herein:


And if you’ll all now excuse me, I have some sanctified talismans to acquire. Oh and btw there’s more related to this demented post-Juggalo nightmare, so hold on to your butts.

2 thoughts on “Sure, Satan Clown, Whatever You Say

  1. Gotta say, getting that tweet with no context and “What. Is. This” was the highlight of my night haha.

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