The Most Denpacore Thing I Could Ever Imagine

Via Idol 2.0, this is happening.

That’s Bokura no Oyugi (web). Please tell me that somebody knows something about them. Like, you know how people will often compare something to a bad trip? This is like a good trip, but one that you have in a bad place. Wow.

Oh my.

12 thoughts on “The Most Denpacore Thing I Could Ever Imagine

  1. I have no idea how to react, but I do know that before it was half over my finger added it to my soundcloud collection. It fits the rest of the insanity in there perfectly.

  2. I’m happy that more people are checking on bokura no oyugi, i discover them not long time ago (get really attracted to the sad clown concept) . They have something like a sister(??) group called bakuon dolls syndrome.

    (Sorry if my english isn’t good, Im from latin america and just no good at english hehe, i just love to check up this site, since there’s almost no alt. idol information in my language).

    • Yes! A person who knows them! 🙂 So how did you discover them yourself? I’m lucky to know of a few people (including Idol 2.0) who either have connections or will just crawl through Soundcloud and YouTube for new stuff.

      Also, you shouldn’t apologize. Not only is your English very good, it’s much, much better than my Spanish (which I won’t insult you with by butchering it in front of you). I am very glad to have people join in from all countries. Where do you live? I know of some idol scene in Chile, Argentina and Brazil, which I think is great.

      • I discover them through twitter, they came out in the recommendations and i check them up. Then I followed every member (including what i think it’s their producer, but I’m not sure, since it was something that i deduced it from a google translation, so… hehe)

        I’m from Chile, and yeah we have something like an idol scene (mostly based in 48 groups, HelloPro and Johnny’s), and there is even a kawaii metal band. Right now the fanbase has been more active, and they’re organizing J Idol events and stuff like that. But it’s nothing compared to the kpop fanbase, now that it’s huge. And thank you!, it’s good to know that my english doesn’t suck as much as i think 🙂

        • That’s all pretty cool. Also, your English not only doesn’t suck, but is probably better than a very large proportion of native speakers. Trust me: I work on the Internet. I know.

          Stick around! I like the international perspectives. 🙂

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