This Is a Pretty Cool Story

I’d recently seen a few references to yet another idol group, Splash!, I think via Idol 2.0, that upon first glance didn’t seem like they were going to be very much up my alley.

The first song that I hit, “Eternal Sky,” seemed like a pretty standard paint-by-numbers idol+rock song, not the worst thing in the world and probably good to have on while working on the car while in my ripped acid-washed jeans and REO Speedwagon shirt.

This would have been the hottest shit in 1983, is what I’m saying.

There are other videos on their YouTube channel, so I made a deal with myself to come back around. Invest a few minutes. Confirm that they were like the VHS version of Q’ulle and call it a day.

Ho-hum, here’s another video that’s … okay, so the aesthetic is really deliberate …

I can appreciate this.

Fine. What’s their story? No, they can’t be this Splash that looks like a miniature version of a 48 … oh, Pure Idol Heart to the rescue!

Idol Rock Unit Splash! Looking to Survive with New Single

Oh, that’s interesting. What else?

Idol Rock unit Splash! Is a group that I have been following since their debut in 2009 .This unit has seen its share of members come and go ,but Aya Sakohata and Arisa Hoshino have seen it through.

I see. So that’s what this is.

Well … that’s pretty good! So they’re like indie queens or something?

“Survive” will be released on July 22 through King Records the same label that Momoiro Clover Z and AKB48 are on.

Shut the front door. That’s a major label. So they’re kind of a big deal? Or is that like a wind-down-the-contract kind of thing and the fact that they’re down to two members probably means that this thing is on its last legs, or maybe even when that video happened almost a year ago and now it’s just …

And those wota are serious business!

Okay, I get it. Splash!, you’re … back? Trying to stay afloat?

resurrection live ad thingy from Splash's website

Wow. Up and down and back again. My homicidol heart has been warmed! And is bleeding a little bit more than usual!

Consider this a placeholder for a profile. I think I like you, Splash.

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