‘MONSTER’ vs. ‘MONSTERS,’ Who Ya Got?

There was a media event yesterday that featured both BiSH and Q’ulle

… which is neat on its own. But you know what else is cool? Pitting idols against idols for our own amusement!

Q’ulle and BiSH have both enjoyed rather meteoric rises. One rose from the wreckage of a dance unit to become maybe the hottest thing in rock idols; the other was handed a massive legacy and probably even bigger expectations and never flinched. And both have hung their hats on songs with very similar titles.

Q’ulle’s “Monster” was their second single and a very clear declaration that these dance-centric fashionistas weren’t messing around; BiSH’s “Monsters” was prominent on both Brand-new Idol Shit and Fake Metal Jacket, and well-enough regarded to be the lead track on the latter. And both have killer videos that now we get to judge against the other for absolutely no stakes more than our own amusement.

So what’s it gonna be? BiSH or Q’ulle? “Monsters” or “Monster?”

10 thoughts on “‘MONSTER’ vs. ‘MONSTERS,’ Who Ya Got?

  1. Hey Maniac, idea for our next game. Idol vs. Idol in traditional metal antics. Cat #1 Best Hairwhip/Headbang. Cat #2 Best Stage Dive/Crowdsurf Cat #3 Best Scream/Growl. Cool??????? And repping Passcode in the scream/growl category, here comes our brother phillter in 3…….2……….1 (;_;)

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