BBC’s Documentary Featuring Babymetal Currently Available to View

I say “currently” because this could be a short-lived mirror on Dailymotion; BBC’s player is restricted to, you know, Britain.

Babymetal: Wembley to Tokyo (BBC) by Blussy96

Babymetal only specifically features for the first several minutes (but with very good footage from Wembley!) before the host gets into other idol things, in kind of a weird twist talking with Kyrary Pamyu Pamyu (who declines to be identified as such despite so many things) and Ladybaby (who your own point of view can judge). There is a nice discourse on kawaii and what it means, plus lolita (and gothlita) fashion, and understanding the idol scene via the theater groups in AKB48. Also stick around for the very cool Cross Faith.

In all, a pretty good little piece. It doesn’t tread any new ground for veterans, but it manages to explain a lot without being mawkish or overly simplistic.