I Crowdsource Things: The Inaugural Homicidols Power Rankings

It’s been almost an entire month since we had something to argue about and anguish over, and the Corenament is now well behind us, so I thought it was about the right time to kick off something that had been in my notes from this site’s moment of conception.

Yep, accidentally and backwards* taking a page from New School Kaidan, we’re going to do some monthly power rankings. And I do mean “we”: This site isn’t a whole lot of fun if it’s just Maniac being all “this is what I think so screw you guys;” I instead turn to the bunch of drunks and misfits wonderfully knowledgeable and absolutely polite and on-point fans to make this list go.

Use this embedded list to get yourself all worked into a lather that your personal favorite is ranked behind HOW COULD YOU DO THIS MANIAC?!, then either click “rank your version” at the bottom or head on over here to rank ’em yourself!

[rnkrwp id=”2374058″ format=”grid”]

Things to consider:

  • Next Friday, May 6, I’ll publish the results as the Homicidol 25 for May.
  • The list is currently based on the Corenament results (so participants make up the top 16), plus a general who-gets-the-most-traffic measure of other groups who have featured prominently on the site, with an emphasis on recent activity.
  • Those ranks are based on actual numbers, which is why Babymetal, in addition to being the most talked-about thing in rock right now, are starting in the top spot despite their Corenament disqualification.
  • This is not a most-fans competition! Because it’s a rolling thing that we’ll revisit fairly frequently, the idea is to base it on:
    • Current releases, and their rough popularity
    • Recent videos, and their level of amazeballsness
    • Controversial things like Haruno Megumi leaving Mugen Regina because she prefers her performance to be as unimpeded by clothing as possible
    • Performance frequency, touring and/or really big shows
    • Competitions like Tokyo Candoll
  • Note that none of those things is “I like them a lot.” Be objective. It will expand your horizons. I promise.
  • Not a small number of idols either featured on the site or beloved of the site are not on the list! That’s because they haven’t done much lately or got very little love for what they did do. If you’re a big Haloperi Doll or Deep Girl or Under Beasty supporter …
  • Do you think this preliminary list is full of crap? Use the comments on this post to make the case that so-and-so should be in the top 25; if you agree with somebody else, say so. I’ll be comparing those results to the rank totals to see if somebody merits cracking the top 25.

Now rank ’em!

*I’m actually stealing the concept from ESPN, not New School Kaidan.

18 thoughts on “I Crowdsource Things: The Inaugural Homicidols Power Rankings

  1. Awesome idea!
    Here’s my re-rank: http://www.ranker.com/list/inaugural-homicidols-power-rankings/phillter?

    I really tried to rank things more based on current new releases/big live shows/presence in the “news” rather than site hits, etc…because I don’t have access to that data. So here is my excuses/reasoning:

    BM is obvious. Petit Pas! has a new album coming out that is shaping up to be something big, BiSH had a big new single and the first from their new label come out, Death Rabbits has a new album out…and I had to put them somewhere 😛 Zenbu Kimi no Sei da had a single and two MVs come out, one of which is absolutely stunning (I’ll let you guess which). Passcode had a new MV for Ninja Bomber come out, and while they can’t be up at the top this month, they have a really good chance for next month’s rankings when Virtual drops. Qu’lle has been touring recently all over Asia and just released the second video for their fifth single. Screamin’ 60s had a good new MV come out that will garner more fans. Kamen Joshi had a pretty big concert DVD come out recently…and they have shows every day. Party Rockets has been doing #DailyPartyRockets and had a very big One-Man live recently. Yukueshitsurezure has their new mini-album coming out soon and is building hype. The Spunky is reaching out to the West more with their English tweeting. Guso Drop is performing regularly, and has a new album coming out in June, but June is not April or May, so they are pretty far down this list. Necronomidol went out to steal souls in in New Caledonia, but that was a while ago…however those booty shorts keep them out of the bottom of the list, because at least they are doing something still! YMM had some big news recently, not good news, but big news none the less. Akuma had the WAR CRY MV come out recently, but other than that have been pretty quiet. Pikarin and & Crazy had new stuff come out recently as well, but those names don’t get tossed around very much it seems. Parallel Japan has been doing the standard gamut of shows and one of theirmembers had a birthday recently, but other than they they are also pretty quiet. The rest of the list is pretty similar…It really pains me to put Fruitpochette so far down the list, but rules are rules, and as hard as Shiori is working to keep that name alive, it hasn’t had an infusion of life in a while.

    Some of the items in this list are ties really, since it’s hard to rank one MV over another, or a single over a big live show, etc. but I tried. (^^)

  2. Objectivity? On the internet? In 2016? Surely you jest. Do you really expect people to know all the criteria you defined, for 30 groups, and thus make an objective decision??? Unless you provide an area to document the activities of groups as proof,(which most won’t read cuz facts may conflict with muh feels) this appears to be just a Corenament re-dux that will quickly devolve into another mouse-click fan war.

    • If only people actually tried to be decent in today’s modern internet…Be the change you wanna see, be an example, at least TRY to do the whole objectivity thing. Just because someone else breaks the rules or is a jerk doesn’t mean you have to be as well (^_-)

  3. Based on the criteria presented, this is easy. Current release? Theme song for an anime perhaps one of their heaviest to date. They generally release a new song every month. Rough popularity? 2016 Corenament Champions. Recent videos? DVD release of the spectacular Saitama Super Arena show, a level of production only surpassed by BM, and not by much. We include individual dvd’s of Erina Kamiya (her 2nd) and Misa Kubota’s 1st dvd. Add to that, their regular appearances on Abema TV, complete with interviews, games and perfprmances. Erina’s regular spots on Game Market as well. And of course the Daily Alice videos with behind the scenes footage and insight into the personalities behind the masks. Controversy? Releasing a video repping for a U.S. Presidential candidate, a prank that infuriated some and brought laughter to others. A 10:1 ratio thumbs up on the youtube video. If that’s not enough controversy, how about a collaboration with a 70 yr old,gay male crossdressing enka singer, again more positive feedback than not. Performance frequency? Let’s see, 2 shows per day, 5 days a week. 3 shows on both Sat.& Sun. That’s 16 shows per week. Just under 70 shows a month Add to that the recent 1st Annual Joshi Fest 2016, held at Zepp Tokyo. Similar to Ozzfest, wherein smaller groups were invited to perform as openers. Just returned last week from tours in Shanghai, Singapore and Vietnam. As of yesterday, A collaboration with the well known Galaxy Clothing line, A fashion show was presented by members wearing the spring collection. Arguably the most active group out there. Oh yeah, the group I’m referring to is Kamen Joshi. http://www.ranker.com/list/inaugural-homicidols-power-rankings/homicidol-maniac?format=GRID&page=1&action=tab&type=comment

    • Well now, look at you with all your facts and data. That’s more work than most acts will do in a year. Unfortunately objectivity has already left the building. It seems as if the youngster above you wanted to lecture you on being objective, but doesn’t seem to grasp the concept himself. Looking at his ranking, we see petitpas at #2. A group that hasn’t produced any material for sale as of yet. I love how the youth of today twist and turn definitions to suit their “feelings”. Humans never cease to amaze, De-evolution has begun. Anyway, Good job documenting the facts Miss Tara44DD.

      • If my feelings were really involved in the decision process then that list would look very different. I’m not twisting any definitions of anything here. I said I was trying to go by release of material as I know, and I did. Let’s see your list and your opinions before you start bashing on someone else.

        • All righty, I think we can have a perfectly insulting conversation about one another’s tastes without making it personal, regardless of whose/which cheeks the tongue may be inserted. Savage opinions, not character. Just a friendly reminder!

    • Good job Tara44DD. You’ve obviously succumbed to the mask. However, as extensive as your factual list is, you left out some other activities of interest. May I add that 2 new songs were released and 15 Blu-ray discs were released including the Part one of “Onimagu Zero Underground”. The 10 part film series that is in production. May I also add the Alice #10 one man live in Yokohama of April 30th. They do move quickly don’t they. By the way, the SSA DVD finished its first week of release at #7 on the Oricon chart.

      • Where did you see a #7 ranking? I just looked today and it was at #5. Ya know what else I forget to list? That global journey they took in the news thanks to Reuters on March 29th that ended at the New York Post. Thanx for your help.

      • Hi, Jaxson. I’m coming here. (^^;
        Please forgive me that I correct some of the facts.
        The first, film title is not “Onimagu Zero Underground”. It read as “Kimagure Underground”. (Typically, the Japanese Kanji glyph has two or more of reading. The choice of how to read? It is based on the intuition and experience, even if Japanese people.)
        And, the SSA DVD finished its first week of release at #5 in the music DVD (#13 in all categories, composed in music, cinema, and anime) on the Oricon chart. #7 is a ranking in CDTV (Count Down TV; a TV program, different from the Oricon).

        I think, it is difficult to quantitatively compare Kamen Joshi with other groups.
        For example, typical other idols performs a few times in a week, but Kamen Joshi is 10 or more times. Moreover, when Alice No.10 had done a one-man live in Yokohama, Steam Girls was going to live in Niigata away from Yokohama than 200 miles, and Armor Girls had a live at P.A.R.M.S there theater at the same time. Is this counted as 3 times ?

        • ^ This.

          It’s almost like we shouldn’t have an overall power ranking system, because who would be at the top every time? Kamen Joshi or Babymetal most likely, based on either buzz or content. You cannot compare a group like Guso Drop or Q’ulle or Malcom Mask Mclaren to them.
          Brace yourselves…I’m gonna try a baseball analogy: It’s like comparing some minor-league team, that loves the sport but can’t do it for a living but might be really really good, to the Yankees, who paid the big bucks to just show up whether they can hit worth a damn or not…What do any of us get out of that comparison? Nothing.

          Now I guess this isn’t supposed to be a fair competition. Yeah, Kamen Joshi work their ASSES off every single day, but so do a lot of other groups that don’t have the numbers or financing that the masked ones have. So, should Kamen Joshi consist of only things that ALL of the members do together? Should a new MV from Babymetal that gets 2 million views in less than 24 hours get the same points as an MV from Akuma that gets maybe 100 in the first week on youtube?

          These are questions that we have to define answers to before this goes much further.

        • Hello Char T Saki, Thank so much for joining us here. We are very happy you checked in an added your valuable information from Japan. As you can see, another Kamen Joshi supporter here is our friend “Tara44DD”. She did her best to list all Kamen Joshi activities for the last month. If you read my post from yesterday May 1st, I tried to refine the parameters in a fair way for all groups based on a point system for activities. As Kamen Joshi does not release official albums, they would receive no points in that category, but would receive more points for live shows and the theater BD’s that are produced for sale. There is no perfect solution,but we would prefer factual information as opposed to another fan war. It’s up to our beloved site host “Maniac” to make the rules and usually myself and our friend “phillter” try to help add ideas to get better competition. It’s really just for fun. We try to be fair, everybody here has their favorite groups, and would like to see them win. Most regular visitors know I love Kamen Joshi, and phillter is a huge Passcode fan, our site host loves Part Rockets GT. As you can see, many underground artists have fans in the West and may not be aware. Please feel free to add any ideas you may have and of course we welcome any correction of information you find. Please continue to participate here, as I, and I’m am sure others have questions about the music scene in Japan. By the way, you are very good with English. Thank you again for checking in. No Mask No Life

  4. Hey Maniac, please indulge us with a moment of your time. If pure objectivity is what you desire, the only path is through factual data and stats. It is highly unlikely that each participant will search out the data of 30 different artists in order to make an objective conclusion based on the criteria you set forth. Most of us have businesses and families to deal with and there are only so many hours in a day. The likely scenario is that most of us follow a few artists close enough to know the details of their activities. Without a complete data set of all artists actions, an objective ranking could be misleading. If people are willing to take the time to re-rank the artist, we’re confident they would take a moment and list the activities of an artist in the comments, no different than what you requested in the final Corenament round, People will stake their claim in the comments, only this time we deal in facts and stats. You yourself would be the point man for Party Rockets, brother phillter is in depth with Passcode, Peter O’Hanlon has the Rabbits insights and Tara44DD is obviously already made the case for Alice Project. In this scenario, the factual data appears here, for all to see, without each of us having to research each artists activities on their own time. With all data readily visible in one place, based on the parameters you set forth, objective conclusions and rankings will be quite simplistic and more accurate, and thus eliminating all feelings and opinions, as they are the antithesis of objectivity. All that is required is a simple scoring method for the criteria you specified. EXAMPLE : Album release- 5 points, Music video- 4 points, Live Shows- 3 points, Singles released- 2 Points, Extra Curricular activities, i.e. controversial offstage antics, interviews etc. -1 point. As the site official, you will determine the level of importance for activities. Perhaps you deem live shows of greater impact over MV’s. So be it. You get to determine what is of greatest importance of the criteria you outlined. The scoring system doesn’t necessarily need to be public knowledge either. One point of contention may be the size of live shows, but the reality is that most are on equal footing, with only a few artists capable of performing for thousands of fans. We would prefer to give the benefit of the doubt to all the young artist and conclude that regardless of venue size or audience size, festival spots or one-mans, that they are all giving their best performance no matter what. So a show would count as a show regardless, similar to a sports stats sheet, a 60 yrd field goal is the same 3 points as a 15 yrd chip shot. At the end of the month simply tally the numbers and present the rankings.The results may be surprising and constantly revolving and based solely on the consistent performance and activities of the artists, devoid of personal biases. Your endgame desire to give artists exposure should be accomplished going this route, perhaps even more so, as all activities will conveniently appear right here. If true objectivity is desired, full disclosure of all facts and stats is the only way to fully realize this. As our wise friend phillter stated above,” Be the change you want to see, be an example, at least try to have an objective contest”. Peace

    • I will say this: I do have a grander rubric in mind, but I didn’t want to start to apply it until we — emphasizing the plural — had set a preliminary pecking order. I’m not really aiming for genuine objectivity here, just a platform to agitate. One could argue that this pre-preliminary top three is absolutely the top three — tons of performances, fresh releases, buzz, gimmicks, tec. One could also say that nobody milks what they already have better than BiSH, and Bellheart has just as much a claim to that spot on the strength of their Dome City Hall show and DVD; one could claim that PassCode might be the leader in about a month, or at least banging on the door.; one could also argue that this is all dumb because Momoclo and Babyraids aren’t on here.

      Great! Let’s argue and discuss. It makes things better until they can be best.

      • Hey Maniac, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to entertain our ideas. If actual objectivity is not your aim, then all our points are mute. Perhaps we are just to darn literal for this interweb age. However, we would ask why not? If this exercise, as you said, is a preliminary platform or foundation for something grander, wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity to lay a foundation based in facts, and thus build upon a solid structure? As you stated, “a platform to agitate”, in our experiences, facts and truths are often more agitating and destructive to those with preconceived notions and internet hype. Case in point, we had no idea that Bellring played a venue the size of Zepp or Tokyo City Hall. Our lack of knowledge about them led us to perceive them as an “also ran”. That bit of information would provide us an opportunity to arrive at an objective conclusion,and for us, would put them near the upper tier of artists at least for now. Deprivation of knowledge could have a drastic effect in rankings for all these artists. If your basing this on a ESPN-ish model, then facts and stats would be important. But as they say “Do What Thou Wilt”.

        • I had no idea that you were a Thelemite!

          There’s never going to be pure objectivity, and that I accept fully. Hell, I don’t even want it; taste matters, and you have to break ties somehow, and why does one factor so completely outweigh any others? Objectively, Babymetal is more powerful than Yandoll, but a person can still think that “Karate” is kind of butt and Yandoll’s doing some really interesting things; flipside, if A-pop annoys the hell out of you, you might think that Kiminosei’s latest is a bunch of crap trash and they don’t deserve any credit for it, so even though they sold X units and got Y video views, they deserve to be buried beneath the soles of Ayukuma’s feet, so how can there be much objectivity when they’ve done comparative amounts of releasing and performing?

          Hence I emphasized subjective measures in the first place: What makes a video amazeballs, anyway? Is gravure like Megumi’s terribly controversial?

          When I say “objective,” at least in this case, what I’m looking for is people to think with their heads instead of their hearts, but of course the heart’s going to get involved, and that’s a-okay. The purpose was to keep (for example) Guso Drop, who haven’t released anything in a minute, from crashing into the top spot just because a bunch of their best fans suddenly want them there.

          Also, stop thinking about it so hard. It’s the Internet. You’ve put more thought into it than I have.

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