The Spunky Want to Share

I’m loving that The Spunky are basically validating everything about this wacky site by having their official Twitter go about half-in on English lately. In addition to that, they’re also sharing live snips:

Yeah, my bad. I completely missed this because sports.

And one more live because I love:

For what it’s worth, if you’re The Spunky or a similar group in a similar spot in the IRL idol ranks, a digital strategy like this can be a big difference-maker in how you grow your audience. People who can buy your things can’t always come to see you perform, but they can be influenced to buy your things if they can see you perform anyway and decide that you’re good.

So now that they’re reaching out in English, reach back! Tell them that they did a good job and you’re looking forward to more. Boost up idols; they boost us all the time.

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